15Dimensional Time Matrix

The Cosmic Manifestation Template (MF) is called the ENERGY MATRIX.
Within the ENERGY MATRIX there are many smaller manifestation templates (Time Matrix) upon which the Universes are structured.
Universal Manifestation Templates are called TIME MATRICES. There are uncountable Time Matrices within the Energy Matrix, which are collectively referred as The Time Matrix.
The 3 Primal Sound Field – the Khundaray, of the Energy Matrix, from and through which the conscious life field of our Time Matrix is seeded.
The 3 levels (Sound Fields) of the Energy Matrix are: (See: Yanas)
  1. The EckaticLevel: – First Primal Sound Field.
  2. The PolaricLevel: – Second Primal Sound Field.
  3. The TriadicLevel: – Third Primal Sound Field.
The Primal Sound Fields are vast fields of Conscious Living Energy that form the first expression of Source/God into manifestation (Energy Matrix).
These Sound Fields form the Conscious energy that is “stepped down” into the next expression of God in the Primal Light Fields.
In the process of God/Source stepping down Living Units of Consciousness into matter, Sound energy or frequency is “stepped down” into Living Light Energy or frequency.
The Light Fields are made of a more “dense” frequency than the Sound Fields since they are the next step “down” in the creation of solid matter. One could think of the Primal Sound Fields as the Inside Song of Creation.
Everything in manifestation has its core song, and every matter form has a core song or “frequency” which is ‘unique to it, as an expression of God/Source.
These Conscious Living Sound Fields are also known as the Ascended Master collectives.
To create the Universal Manifestation Template (Morphogenetic Field – MF) upon which external space, time and matter experience can be known, Dimensions are ordered in sets of 15, forming the blueprint for a 15-Dimensional Time Matrix
Each Dimension of frequency is composed of 12 Sub-frequency bands, or shorter cycles of the “flashing on and off” of scalar-wave points, which exist as part of the longer cycle of the full Dimensional Frequency Band.
Particles having varying vibratory-oscillation rates and angles of spin (Angular Rotation of Particle Spin – ARPS) allow multiple dimensional reality fields to coexist within the same space while remaining perceptually invisible to each other.
The relationship between wave strata within the dimensional frequency bands create the holographic refraction of light, sound and scalar waves that allows consciousness to perceive the illusions of matter solidity, space, time and externalization of reality while it is ensconced within the structures of dimensionalization.
In the Universal Structure (Time Matrix) of 15 dimensions these dimensions are grouped into triads of 3 dimensions each, (one Density Level) forming 5 interwoven, over-laid reality fields that are called Harmonic Universes (HU) – Reality Fields – each with its own Matter Density.
HU-1 is the portion of personal consciousness that is stationed within the frequency bands of dimension 1, 2 and 3.
HU-2 is the portion of personal consciousness that is stationed within the frequency bands of dimension 4, 5 and 6.
… and so on to the 15th dimension.
All Reality Fields (HU) take place in the same space but appears to be separated and “invisible” to each other due to Variant Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS). ARPS determines the Matter Density level.
It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes – HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process. the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.
This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.
Magnetic Repulsion Zones create separation between Harmonic Universes.
One Time Matrix is thus a 15-Dimensional Scalar Grid with 5 separate reality fields (Harmonic Universes) and 5 different densities of matter manifestation.
Each of the 5 Harmonic Universes within a Time Matrix represents one Time Cycle or Euiago Cycle, containing six smaller cycles of time called Time Continua.
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