Home Is Where your Heart Is ~

~ “Water driped into Butterfly´s eyes. His hair, which lay across his forhead, was slick with river spray. The feeling reminded him of something, and he hesitated for a moment as he cast his mind back, searching for the memory. It came to him like a hand reaching out to take his ~ Kissing Silver in the woods outsider Yasir´s village. He remembered the feeling of her lips, water running down their faces ~ the hope he had felt blooming inside their mouths ~  ~  ~  The feeling of coming Home ~ The feeling of Rightness”  p. 333 ~ ~ ~                                             
 : ) This paragrah just touched my Soul ~ well, the entire book did ~ Beautiful~ but this last 2 sentences ~ when Butterfly and Silver  finally realize after years of Pure Freindship that they actualy really Love each other in a much more Profound way ~ ohhh ~ then they realize the Powerful Feeling of what was really missing between them ~ with a Simple kiss~ and the Knowing of Being finally Home ~ One of my All time books : ) 
~ Ty Natasha Ngan for this Wonderful  & Super Creative Adventure  ~
Packed full of adventure, romance, exoticism and the power of friendship, THE ELITES is a highly compelling and beautifully written novel ~
 ~ The feeling of coming Home ~ The feeling of Rightness ~
 ♡ Namaste

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