Cosmic Music

All of these albums contain the Frequencies of the NEW ATTUNEMENT with our new Fifth Level Crystal Body, our Sixth Level Merkaba Body and our Seventh Level Eternal Life Body.








They may all be listened to and purchased via this link

There are many of you who are just awakening to this entire Ascension Project that is going on at higher levels of consciousness. The procedure for Ascension requires activating the crystal seals between the DNA in a way that isn’t usually done in Normal Evolutionary Times. The Crystal Seals were frozen between the DNA strands, so now they need to be unfrozen.
The Guardians plan for unfreezing the Crystal Seals is bringing in enough of the Frequencies of the Crystal Spheres of Crystal Light, Dust and Gel- meaning Plasma and Stardust into our bodies through these Stellar Wave Activations. The Waves also include Consciousness from the Six Stargates including Pleiades,Orion, Andromeda, Arcturius, Sirius.
The Six Avatar Children also carried the Frequency Signatures of the Six Stargates for correction and activation.
The SYMPHONY OF LOVE album carries the Activator of these Activations from the Highest Divine Divine Love Frequency of the Cosmic Sun Eleisha. She is the Mother Ship that is now holding us in balance and harmony as we go through the Bridge Zone. The Bridge Zone project was upgraded to the Buffer Blanket of the Cosmaya Ships, however we are still going through the bridge of the Cloud Cities and Winterlands into Urtha, our Stardust Field of Consciousness that Earth was born into.
The OVER THE RAINBOW album opens the gates between the original Stardust Template of Earth and the Cloud Cities through the Islands of Light of those Flame Holders standing on Earth.
The MAGIC DOLPHIN THERAPY album contains the frequencies of the Cosmic Dolphins who held the entire Sphere of Harmonic Universe One in Balance as these activations took place and allowed the Cosmaya Ships to connect to the Frequencies of the Dolphins as the Waves came through.
The MANIFESTATION MERKABA holds our Crystal Body within the Six Level Merkaba to allow the DNA to connect to the Sixth Level Consciousness.
The COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION contains the orchestration of the perfect  correction and infusion of the Six DNA imprints held by the Six Avatars.
These are all pieces of a very elaborate Ascension Plan. The Plan is an Orchestration. It is a Magical Orchestration that is created by the Cosmic Councils. The Crystal Magic Orchestra is just playing the music that is being strung through the Harpstrings of the DNA coming from the Music of the Spheres.
The entire ascension process requires the frequencies of these Stellar Wave Infusions.
Now, accretion level is different than dimensional level. We must achieve 5.5 dimensional level to perceive the 4.5 accretion level. We are now at the 5 dimensional level perceiving the fourth accretion level.
So, what I am doing with these Frequency Recordings of these LIFE TRANSFORMING EVENTS performed by the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE himself, is to allow any one who desires to PARTICIPATE in these Stellar Wave activations who doesn’t know how to align consciousness themselves, and for those who are late comers to the game and missed out on the first 8 of the 12 Activations to use my recordings as a historical chronology of these events.
Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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