All Seeing Eye Surveillance Devices (Phones, Tablets, TVs, Satellites)


The surveillance grid is much more than most realize. Every smartphone I would suspect has backdoors built in for government sources.

Dr Robert Duncan’s book Project Soul Catcher: Volume Two, page 85:
“I worked for Microsoft and other large software companies. My handlers told me through the microwave hearing effect if I did not put a backdoor into their databases and operating systems that they would kill my family. I went to homeland security and the FBI, but they didn’t care. They just said I was crazy. I never did it and my family was never killed.”
-Interview with a corporate spy

Cameras and microphones are practically everywhere.

Somewhere some very sophisticated artificial intelligence is collecting all this data and categorizing it for use by operatives. These operatives have inherited a dark agenda and are doing all sorts of illegal activities, inflicting their will upon parts of the population.

The Control Grid(hardware):
Xbox’s, smartphones, computers, tablets, CCTV, and satellite form a surveillance grid that is part of what comprises the technology I call ‘All Seeing Eye Technology’. All of it gets crunched and the most relevant data gets put into telepathic files…

The Control Grid(software):
Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, MySpace, Search Engines, Emails, Text messages, and more are all fed into an artificial intelligence that collects and categorizes data for the government and shadow government. The groups that have access to this data are morally inept to say the least.

The All Seeing Eye Technology Suite:
Operatives as well as extraterrestrials have access to electronic telepathy fed data from the technological control grid. This technology is artificial intelligence and electromagnetic based, and interfaces directly to the mind of the person experiencing it. If the shadow government is truly interested in someone, they have thought surveillance of that person no doubt… The intelligence data had by these AI’s is definitely something being abused.

Visual feeds can be sent directly into the mind’s of Shadow government operatives or extraterrestrials. Audio recording is a bit archaic but it is still used. These groups have direct thought surveillance of some number of targets, so surveillance of text messages is not necessary, but is also incorporated for various reasons into the surveillance grid.


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