Dr. Angela Barnett
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse
Crystal Magic
I have been sharing channeled updates from Ascension Teams in Inner Earth, Sirius B, and several other Cosmic Welcoming Team who constantly monitor and modulate the Frequencies of Consciousness as they Cognize through the Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Neuronets of all that we are.
The schedule was announced over twenty years ago. This schedule was created millions of years ago. The schedule always required the exact moment of alignment with all perfect realities from past, present and future in all Star Systems throughout the Cosmos. This moment of alignment is coming closer and closer, and the Benevolent Frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness containing this moment is becoming more powerful as it plugs in to the Earth’s Crystalline Grids and pushes that Consciousness out into the Biosphere through the Consciousness of those on Earth.
The Consciousness Frequencies will grow and grow until the Veil is popped and broken. The Veil or Frequency Fence will open to see the other side of reality- the Spiritual side becoming at one with the physical or the invisible becoming as real as the visible.
This first step in the Ascension Process involves many other factors. It involves the readiness factor of each individual. Everyone will Shift or Ascend into a higher reality because the veil will be removed. However, there is a pre-process that must be completed to allow the old beliefs, the old realities to be completely removed from the old DNA. The removal of the old realities is a CHOICE. We always have the Freedom of Choice. Not everyone chooses to remove the old realities yet.
Those who choose to keep their old cultural beliefs will have the veil removed where they begin to see a new possibility beyond the one they have believed to be true. However, they still will need to make the choice to give up the old realities and make a place for the new reality.
Those masters who have been working on transforming consciousness and melting away old DNA for several years already have been going through the process of INITIATION of the 5DNA to prepare for the Consummation of the 5DNA at the moment of the Great Shift in Fall 2016. The moment that a Consummation of DNA takes place, the Initiation of the next set of DNA begins. So, those who ascend into the new reality of the 5DNA will begin the 5 year period of Initiation of the 6DNA. This means the 5DNA will grow stronger and stronger for the next 5 year period. By 2020 there will be a great number of people on Earth who have fully activated their 5DNA, which means multi dimensional consciousness. 
As the veil is removed, there will be a separation of Consciousness much like the separation of channels on the T.V. set. There will be more people watching the channel that shows the wonderful ways of the kingdom of heaven within Inner Earth and shows the technologies shared by other Star Systems.
That doesn’t mean everyone will choose to watch that channel. There will be other groups who are still watching the war station and some watching the old medical station, while another group is watching the station with cures for diseases that have been available for eions and others who are on the station where there was never any disease or death to begin with.
Each one of these groups will be on a different T.V. station. What is different about the new reality, is we each shift into the station that only contains those who are on the same station. We do not have to share the station of Eternal Life and Instant Manifestation with those who are on the War Channel any longer.
Dr. Angela “Crystalai” Barnett is a Cosmic Musician Composer with Crystal Magic Orchestra
Crystal Magic Orchestra is at:
Their music is Cosmic Future Holographic Revelationary Music
Crystal Magic Orchestra’s music is the Magical element that will allow for cellular transmutation, time travel, dimensional ascension and assist in preparing the listener’s body to become a normal 5D Immortal Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful.
Dr. Angela “Crystalai” Barnett is an accomplished recording musician and music composer. Her music is healing in a way that is not found in other music.
Her music is heavenly and creates a healing atmosphere of love from the breaths of Cosmic Entities who are transforming our Consciousness and our world at this time.
REALIGNS the Frequencies of Attunement from the Spiritual Parallel Universe into the Individual’s Template.
When the Individual is tuned in to the Mind of God through the 12 coded divine blue print of our original perfect blue print, the realities we project become magical, harmoniously balanced and continuously reflect supply, joy, intelligence, original principle and instant manifestation.
The realities that are projected to manifest into the individual’s hologram are exactly like a symphony of frequencies of ideas, people and places. The creations that are manifested are first created as light and sound and then developed into an idea that is projected. All breaths of Divine Consciousness manifest through electro tonal frequency signatures in a variety of densities.
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