We Actually Live Inside Of The Sun

Dr. Angela Barnett
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THE FREQUENCIES OF THESE SUNS is recorded in SYMPHONY OF LOVE, VIOLET FLAME. Sun RA contains the original creation energy of all of the Suns at the Cosmic Level.
The funny thing that we will all become aware of in just a few more years, is the fact that we actually live inside of the sun’s interior.
Before you rad this SCIENTIFIC explanation of the SUN, I would like to tell you what the Guardians told me about the REALITY of the Sun. It is not Hot at all. The heat that we perceive we feel through our 3D five sense reality is only a result of the Sun’s rays interfacing with the Earth’s atmosphere which has had a Veil placed over the Van Allen Belt. That is actually what causes the Heat. Those who live in the Sun have told me that it is actually quite COOL.
We must transpose our consciousness to see and feel the things that are invisible. Those that are beyond the five senses. The rest of reality is nothing like the reality that we have been experiencing. When we move Consciousness into the Sun and use the Infra Red that transposes what we see just like a digital camera, and when we utilize the gamma and heliotalic frequencies of most etheric or vapor like part of the Sun we begin to sense and feel a NEW REALITY.
When I collect Frequencies from the Sun’s, these frequencies are actually Consciousness. The Sun is made of Consciousness. The Sun Communicates through frequencies. The sounds are like breaths because the breath is the closest image of the template of Source Creation energy.
This is the old 3D description that we need to think of in terms of etheric substance, light and sound, consciousness and most of all the Consciousness that will UNLOCK THE TIME CAPSULES of our TRUE IMMORTAL CONSCIOUSNESS.
The Sun’s Interior: Core
The core starts from the center and extends outward to encompass 25 percent of the sun’s radius. Its temperature is greater than 15 million degrees Kelvin
. At the core, gravity pulls all of the mass inward and creates an intense pressure. The pressure is high enough to force atoms of hydrogen to come together in nuclear fusion reactions — something we try to emulate here on Earth. Two atoms of hydrogen are combined to create helium-4 and energy in several steps:
    Two protons combine to form a deuterium atom (hydrogen atom with one neutron and one proton), a positron (similar to electron, but with a positive charge) and a neutrino.
    A proton and a deuterium atom combine to form a helium-3 atom (two protons with one neutron) and a gamma ray.
    Two helium-3 atoms combine to form a helium-4 atom (two protons and two neutrons) and two protons.
These reactions account for 85 percent of the sun’s energy. The remaining 15 percent comes from the following reactions:
    A helium-3 atom and a helium-4 atom combine to form a beryllium-7 (four protons and three neutrons) and a gamma ray.
    A beryllium-7 atom captures an electron to become lithium-7 atom (three protons and four neutrons) and a neutrino.
    The lithium-7 combines with a proton to form two helium-4 atoms.
­The helium-4 atoms are less massive than the two hydrogen atoms that started the process, so the difference in mass is converted to energy as described by Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=mc²). The energy is emitted in various forms of light: ultraviolet light, X-rays, visible light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves.
The sun also emits energized particles (neutrinos, protons) that make up the solar wind. This energy strikes Earth, where it warms the planet, drives our weather and provides energy for life. We aren’t harmed by most of the radiation or solar wind because the Earth’s atmosphere protects us.

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