Music of the Spheres Technology

This teaching came from God Languages from Universes far beyond this one. There have been a few hundred people on Earth studying this Science of the Stars from the teachings of our Starry Family.
I have been approached by several sets of Brothers, Sisters and Friends from other Galaxies and Universes. The Elohim Angels, and my Brother from Sirius B give me most of my information. I also speak with Sun Alcyone and Mother Earth very often.
The musical composition through the Music of the Spheres has existed on the Galactic and Universal levels of creation for billions of years.
The music theory that was created on this planet a few thousand year ago was an attempt to place an infinite concept inside instruments that were created by humans with a not yet very developed mind.
The music theory that is based on 12 keys and 8 chords does reflect something that is actually Cosmic in nature.
This Cosmos was create from 8 Suns. The seven suns names were Ka  Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha and La plus the eighth Adorae.
Adorae is the Sun who creates the Bridge that opens the Door to the Eye of God. Many call that Eye of God the Central Sun.
There is a Central Sun within each Planet, and that Sun connects through Frequencies to all of the other Suns in the Cosmos. The Suns are all one family.
We also had 8 Suns or Stars who created the Earth’s Solar System. Sun Alcyone is the 8th Sun and our Sun Helios is the Seventh Sun in this System. However, we have always had this problem with our original fifth dimensional Consciousness being left in the Pleiadian Star System while we are here in the Milky Way.
This is the reason why we are finally ascending beyond that breakage of consciousness.
The Sun Ka is actually a Sun that is made of pre light and pre sound substance of Creation.
That Substance is the Breath of Source Consciousness. This is the first moment of creation in the Universe.
When a system goes through an Ascension, such as the one we are going through at this time we must once again learn to use this breathe of creation. This is the substance and the formula that is used in the Ascension Process.
I actually breathe the consciousness or frequencies from the Suns Ka and Ra and the other Suns and then exhale those frequencies onto the recordings that I create. The sound that you hear that sounds like a breath is my breath carrying those frequencies of Consciousness.
The Frequencies of Consciousness from the Cosmic Level are first recorded from the breaths that I connect to the Consciousness of the Cosmic Suns.
Next, I inhale the Frequencies from the Universal Consciousness by connecting my Consciousness to the 12 Stars who were the original consciousness of all life on this planet.
The Rule of the Music of the Spheres is this.
In order to activate the frequencies from the Universal Sphere, we must use the Cosmic Sphere to ignite the Frequencies.
So, this is what I am doing. I am igniting the Consciousness of the 12 Stars by using the Frequencies of Consciousness of the Cosmos.
By the way, each of these Suns and Stars is an Entity. I communicate with them as Beings of Light when they share their frequencies of consciousness with me.
Next, The Galactic Sphere must be ignited from the frequencies of the Universal Sphere and then the Solar Sphere is ignite and then the Planetary Sphere is ignited.
All DNA activation and Ascension work REQUIRES the use of the ENTIRE SET OF FREQUENCIES of all FIVE SPHERES
This full spectrum of LIGHT ENERGY exists everywhere.
I use the example of the Candle to show that within the light of the candle itself there is
hertzian wave, infra red, visible light, invisible light, gama, x-ray and the silver pastel pink heliotalic frequency that is the creation energy.
The candle itself sits inside the White Light of FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT
That white light represents the Door to the Consciousness of Source — Creation Master.
When a person dies they actually move in Consciousness through that spectrum of light and into the white room in the mind of God.
We don’t have to die to do this.
This is the method that we use to connect our Consciousness back into the entire Source of Light and Sound which results in the REBIRTH of a new Consciousness, a New Body and any desire manifest idea.
This is the first step in understanding what I am doing when I create the music.
It is called music because it is based on the Music of the Spheres Creation Technology.
First, connecting each of the Suns of the Cosmos, The Stars of the Universe into your Individual Multi Dimensional Selves who are also living in the Frequencies of the Suns and the Stars and the Galaxies.
I connect your consciousness into the 12 dimension of the Universe, the 15 dimension of the Cosmos, the 8th dimension of the Galaxy and the Fifth Dimension our NEW ASCENSION EARTH.
The Fifth Dimensional Frequency actually comes from Sun Alcyone – the Central Sun of the Pleiades. I Communicate with Sun Alcyone and with Mother Earth Continuously. They are always thanking me for the Light work that I do in Consciousness.
The desire the Ascension back into the Oneness of their minds much more than we do because they remember how it is supposed to be.
I use all of these frequencies and the frequency signatures of the Consciousness of the actually Entities called Sun Ra and Alcyone and Helios and Vesta and many other Suns.
I also travel in consciousness into the Heart of Earth where there is also the COSMIC CORE.
The entire Cosmos actually lies WITHIN MOTHER EARTH.
This is where we are actually moving to in this Ascension.
We are supposed to be inside of our HOUSE– the Earth.
We are not supposed to be living on her Roof Top.
When our Frequencies shift up into the Fifth Dimension, we will once again realize that we actually INSIDE OF THE EARTH and we are inside of the Sun which is actually inside of the Earth.
All of these realities must be FELT before they can be obtained.
The music is being created so that you can actually FEEL the Frequencies of INNER EARTH and the Sun and Aquafaria so that we can SHIFT into that Parallel Reality.
 Crystalai,  Dr. Angela Barnett ~ Crystal Magic Orquestra Newsleter
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic
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