Viva Ascension 2017; the lost souls of Tara, false time matrix &out of ‘Metatron Cube’

“In 2017, Phantom Descending Earth will begin its release from the 15 level holographic universe of Gaia, and by 2022, all of the evolutionary frequency connections to Gaia will be severed. Phantom Earth will then begin a permanent disconnection to the morphogenetic god-source energies that kept it so desirable to the lower dimensional beings for so long, and within 200 years will finally implode due to lack of energy required to keep it alive.
ARhAyas Ascension Earth has already begun its entry into the time of alignment with its Gaia sister planets, and will remain in ascension mode for the coming 900 years. At which time, it will finally be freed at last. During some point in this process, you will see the changes in our heavens. The moon will be replaced, the celestial bodies will reform as the old ones follow Phantom Earth into the wormhole of the Metatron universe.”

Livia Ether FLOW


Kontynuacja poprzedniej notki dot 2017

Viva Ascension 2017 part 1

When Tara Earth was highly damaged in the 1,000 Years War and the planet was cloaked in this false time matrix, the soul memories of the second seeding of the Angelic Kryst Human evolution were trapped in the defragmented stardust of the planet. Nursery Earth was created to re-evolve the form of that planet through re-materializing (healing) those dust particles again so the soul memories stored inside those larger crystalline formations could be reclaimed.

This is the “hell”of earth that has souls trapped inside for “ever”. Not really forever, but certainly a very long time. When Nursery Earth finishes her evolutionary process, all the defragmented particles of old Tara Earth will be recaptured and then ARhAyas Ascension Earth will align with Density 2, 4th Dimension Tara Earth in 2017 and the lost souls will be able to ascend out of this low frequency Density 1, 3rd Dimension…

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