DNA Activation

Dr. Angela Barnett
Crystal Magic Orchestra.com
 At the present time, because of the low density consciousness of most of those on Earth at this time, we have tried to explain the phenomena of DNA in various ways, in order to allow a few grand minds to gleen bits and pieces of understanding.
Those bits and pieces have been given to you through techniques, journeys, stories and explanations. We have examined DNA as Consciousness of our Universal Star Template woven into the neuronets of the physical DNA at each and every dimensional level. We have examined DNA as the Light and Sound of the Music of the Spheres. We have examined DNA as the Divine Template that carries the codes of the Mind of God. we have examined DNA as the absence of the Electron that creates the negative and positive magnetic waves. We have examined DNA as the pre light and sound of the photons and phonons intersecting at higher and higher dimensions to de-polarize and transmute the old DNA and bring to life the new, higher dimensional level DNA.
When DNA is viewed from the third dimensional perspective of the scientist, it is only the lowest density of DNA that is being seen. Even at this low level of scientific knowledge, there is evidence of 12 strands of DNA. It is this absence of higher scientific knowledge and technology that is causing the lack of knowledge about DNA.
When we examine DNA at the perspective of the invisible light spectrums rather than the visible light spectrums that the human eye has been programmed to believe is the only reality, we begin to see the invisible or spiritual level of DNA.
I am going to share with you the spiritual level of examining DNA. This ability to see beyond the physical is available all of our starry brothers and sisters and cousins. It was actually known to the Annunaki and Serres Egyptian Race lines on Earth thousands of years ago. The DNA of the race lines who were created through hybrid race line called the Eieyani and Azurites and Levithians, who were formed from the soul templates of the Elohim and Syrian race lines to bring back the original Cosmic Template of the Oraphim Humanoid and Dolphonoid to Earth, was a DNA that was coveted by all of Earth’s neighbors because it was the only DNA that carried the 12 coded encryption connecting consciousness to the 12 stargates.
The Pharoahs and Kings of the Egyptian/ Atlantis time period were the ones who coveted the DNA of those hybrids who were brought to Earth. This DNA could be activated to the level that it reaches at the point of the sixth level DNA activation to create a substance called cellisma. This was a powdery blue substance that could be scrapped off of the skin of the hybrids as they were being tortured into a near death experience.
This natural process of creating cellisma around the DNA is what causes the DNA to activate into higher and higher dimensional consciousness. The Egyptian Pharoahs used this cellisma as their own personal LSD experience that would give them the Spiritual Consciousness allowing extended life times and freedom from pain.
So, you see, this invisible, quantum science, that I am about to share with you, is not a new knowledge. It is actually a very old science that was known to many on Earth a very long time ago. Those race lines who coveted our DNA were the cause of destroying the original essence of the Human Angelic on Earth.
Now, is the time when we are having the knowledge returned to Earth that allows us to access that Magical LSD Cellisma within our own Consciousness to regain the state of mind that allows Eternal Regeneration, Healing, Lifetimes of 200 years to 500 years, and Instant Manifestation.
This is the story of how DNA shifts into a brand new form of Eternal Life Coding.
Dr. Angela Barnett
Crystal Magic Orchestra.com
12 DNA has remained dormant while having its potential waiting within the time vector codes of Universal Consciousness. The DNA could not activate until it encountered specific types of interdimensional frequency spectrum such as those contained in the 12 Star Gates.
When the DNA is finally allowed to interface with higher dimensional frequencies, the electromagnetic spin rate removes the polarity in the time vector codes to reverse the polarity of positive and negative. This results in the vector code blue prints merging within the DNA and turning on a new chemical validity.
The turnstile DNA sequences in each nuclear tied base pair of each gene within every chromosone allows for the particles and anti particles within the 12 vector codes, meaning the frequency signatures of the 12 Star Gates, within each of the Universal Star Code (keylon) to fuse together creating attunement of all of the frequency signatures of the Stars. When the DNA sequence turns on in one group of the 12 corresponding nuclear tied base pairs, the base code (an accretion code within the corresponding fire letters and keylon code merges to form a minute micro merkaba field.
These micro merkaba fields activated wtihin the DNA template when consciousness is used to bring in the proper spin rate into the cellular structure of the body. We have provided several mediations and techniques to allow individuals to do this, including the Ascension Formula, Lift Off Meditation, Ascension Activation Meditations, Pure in Heart Meditation Kit.
The micro merkaba field activates in the DNA template the keylon codes through the activation of the turnstille sequence, which draws together infusion into the hudrogen bonds the 12 nuclear tied base pairs to which it corresponds.
The 12 hydrogen bond base pairs merge to form a transient composite silicaon based celestiline. This  bio chemical transient silica based bio chemical forms first within the hydrogen bond pairs that link the nuclear tied bases of each heli to form the nuclear tied base pair ladder rings that hold the two sugar phosphate heli into the double helix configuration.
Cellestiline is the chemical of atomic transmutation. It is the natural chemical product that forms in the chemical DNA through activation fo the turnstille DNA sequences within the hydrogen bonds when the particles and anti particles in the DNA vector codes fuse to transform the 12 hydrogen bond base pairs. The base pairs mege to form a new compsit silica based compound known by our ancestors in Egypt as a bio chemical called Celestilline.
This is the true story of the Celestilline Prophecy that completely transformed into a story that at least implants the heuristic nature of conceptualizing a larger view of reality. The Celestilline was magical substance made of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel. It was a substance that was the pre cursor to the creation of the Stars. This magical substance is what has always been used to activate the birth of new DNA. The cellestilline turns on the internal DNA sequences within and between the double helix in the individual genes. This allows the internal sequences within the smallest gene to duplicate the exon sequences in the next larger gene transmutting the smaller gene into a copy of the larger one.
This is what is mean by being made in the image and likeness of God. The tiniest micro omnion within the atoms of our body are created through this imaging and duplicating of the Divine Template of the Mind of God. The Celestilline is the spiritual substance that is used in this gelaisic radiation duplication process.
This process allows the 12 primary genes exon sequences and 12 corresponding internal sequences to merge in a single natural chromosone in order to fuse into one long gene exon interim sequence that is the replica of the gene exon interon sequences of the next largest chromosone.
If the DNA template is working properly once the first segment of DNA is activated, the first set of corresponding nuclear tied base pairs fuse  to form celestilline within the nuclear tide base pair hydrogend bonds. This creates an incredibly nano speed rapid chain reaction in the chemical DNA.
The gene extron intron sequences in chromosone one trasmute to replicate those within chromosone two and trigger the chromosone two to initiate the same process in chromosone three,etc. This could be likened to the String Theory at a Universal Scale.
What we finally learn from this step down process is the fact that each time Consciousness is placed together with a higher set of Frequencies, a brand new Reality will appear.
So, the faster the spin rate of the merkaba technology used to activate the DNA, the higher the frequencies become, and this creates a brand new reality to become created.
The trick to creating a brand new reality through the replication process of DNA is the TRANSMUTATION. The process always requires Transmuting to replicate. Transmutting means burning together through a higher light frequency the OLD VERSION of reality held within each chromosone in order to utilize the new energy to replace a new form of reality within an old structure.
There is always an invisible structure holding the DNA template together. That structure is the Mind of God. The Image of the Mind of God is always being replicated. That means the absolute perfect creation principle is always being replicated into new versions of reality. This replication process was stopped because of a set of ERRORS placed in the programming that was blocking the interaction of Light and Sound in the Music of the Spheres to spiral down as the 12 layers upon layers creating the 144DNA pattern.
Once the set of 12 natural chromosones corresponding to the one DNA strand template fire a sufficient amount of cellestilline, there is a build up in the chemical DNA that triggers the same process over and over again causing the activation in each chromosone within each DNA strand template and chemical DNA ladder to become activated by the production of cellestilline from the chromosones of the strand before until finally an un identified chemical DNA sequence called interface DNA sequences emerge.
When a sufficient amount of DNA is produced by the activation of the turnstille sequences in each gene an chromosone of the first three DNA strand templates, new sequences of chemical interface DNA sequences appear first between each chromosone.
Cellestilline production continues and accelerates in the DNA and cell nucleus. As the interface DNA sequences link together and merge the 12 natural chromosones from each of the first DNA strand templates. This forms what is called a bonded chromosone.
A group of 12 specific full chromosones bonded together through the activated interface DNA sequence in order to form one super chromosone called the bonded chromosone.
As the 12 previously separate chromosones from the previously separate pre DNA strands merge to form three bonded chromosones, the second serves as an interface DNA sequence from between each of the three bonded chromosone. This begins the process of dNA strand braiding. In DNA strand braiding, the two heli of the chemical DNA sequences corresponding to double helix double strand template one. They de polarize and merge into a transient, singular electrical anti particle helix called conjugant fountain.
Conjugant refers to a passing of a chemical DNA sequence that emerges from one strand template into braiding or bonding with a corresponding DNA sequence emerging from a strand template that is next in sequence within the dimensional scale.
The DNA strand sequence that is being transferred appears to unravel in structure as it de-polarizes to form a single anti particle (spiritual- invisible) Heli.
As the DNA sequence de-polarizes (removing all electrons from the sequence) and seemingly de-manifests or disappears from its original position in DNA, it leaves behind a transient or temporary imprint  of itself. This phenomena has been compared to the Cocoon melting away, and leaving its imprint while it transforms into a butterfly. This is exactly what happens to the DNA.
Once the new ghost like imprint of the single de polarized electrical heli is formed, it electrically magnetically bonds to the hydrogen of the magnetic particle heli of the chemical DNA sequence which corresponds with the strand two template.
As the chemical DNA sequences corresponding to DNA strand template one and two bond, the same process is set in motion between DNA strand two and three.
As the levels of cellestaline continue to increase a critical mass of cellestilline is manufactured within the hydrogen bonds to sufficiently transfer the blue print from the cell nuclei into the cells as chemcial instructions for production of highly complex amino acid proteins. The new protein building blocks produce a variety of different chemical, hormonal cellestilline carriers.
Through the hormone cellestilline carriers, cellestilline Blue Print, it is transferred into the blood stream and all chemical, hormonal systems of the brain and body.
As the cellestilline blue print enters the blood and hormonal systems, a rapid succession of bio-chemical changes occur within the glands, organs, nervous system, brain and blood. (turning the water into wine or the blood into the Christic Lava Flows- turning water into wine meant turning the water into the blood of a Christ Avatar).
Briefly, the celestilline blue print causes chemical elemental interactions to occur within the nucleus of the red blood cells and within certain fluid and hormonal secretions. The chemical, elmental interaction between specific body fluids and the cellestilline blue print in the body cells cause this temporary formation of minute blood crystals hormone crystals and transmutation and crystallization of portions of the body’s water molecules in a silica like, radio active crystalline element called cellesma. Cellesmiac crystal is a transient, super liminal transharmonic element. The spin rate of cellesma atoms is faster than the speed of light.
This makes the substance super luminal. This is a substance far beyond the spectrum of the hertzian wave. It is beyond visible light and beyond plasma. This substance is a Cosmic Form of Pre Plasma Crystal Light. It cannot be chemically split. It is beyond the positron elemental level. It cannot be chemically split into simple substances which qualify it to be classified as an element on our elemental charts.
Cellesma forms only through the process of internal nuclear fusion between specific particles and anti particle pairs tha form two separate third dimensional systems matter densities or harmonics of matter density. Thus the element cellesma is trans harmonic. It is transient in that it breaks down the unstable sub atomic units shortly after its formation during the cellular transformation process, but it leaves behind an image residue after a biological form has completed its physical transformation out of density one.
This is the formula that is used to translate the body into the new reality create when the Consciousness combines with a higher frequency to move into a new reality. This is what happens when we shift from harmonic universe one into harmonic universe two. This is how the density of our structure is transformed. We leave behind our old pattern of who we were and we fly upward into a new reality, just like a butterfly.
The formation of the minute blood hormone and cellesma crystals within the body indicates that the qunatity of cellestilline blue print transported by the chemical hormonal cellestiline carriers has reached the critical mass within the body cells through which the process of internal atomic fusion and molecular transmutation will commence.
As the cellestilline blue print reaches critical mass, through the blood and hormonal fluids and a critical mass of hormonal, blood and cellesma crystals form, the atomic structure of the body enters the phase of meta morphasis.
The minute, interdimensional atomic structure of the chemical cellestilline is compossed of a set of complex, staggered particle and anti particle subatomic units that are different phases of a chemical’s very short life that resembes waves and particles.
In either phase, the sub atomic units of which cellestilline is composed have spin rates faster than the speed of light, which makes the atomic structure of the cellestilline  super liminal. As cellestilline has an atomic structure that moves faster than the speed of light, the chemical itself cannot be observed, by the present means of detection, but the effects of its existence upon the atomic structure can be chemically observed under the appropriate conditions.
The positive and negative electric charges inherent to the protons, the visible behavior of electrons and protons is altered and changed upon interface with sufficient quantities of cellestilline.
The neutrons in the cell nucleus, which usually bear no charge, take on a breif transiet negative charge that corresponds with the sound wave spectrum of the dimension above that in which the interface is taking place.
The fleeting negative neutron charge is stronger than the cumulative positive charge of the photons in the nucleus which causes the protons to reverse their charge and turn into electrons in the nucleus cell.
These interaction in the cell nucleus cause the negatively charged cells outside the nucleus to reverse their charge to positive and become protons which are drawn into the nucleus through the negative neutrons. As this occurs, the cellestilline enters its breif super liminal particle phase causing the negative netrons to reverse their own charge to positive.
As these electrical interactions are occuring in an almost simultaneous order in each body cell, the protons and electrons of the cells merge and fuse in a very specific sequence within their corresponding anti particles as their own charte and own axis spin angle and rate spin speed reverses to duplicate that of their anti particles. When particles and anti particles fuse within each cell they do not anhilate each other as would be the case without the cellestilline presence, and its fusion sequencing instructions that are set and directed by the super liminal cellestiline blue prints sent through the neutrons. The particle and anti particle packages electrically bind to the super liminal cellestiline particles. The super cellestiline particles then revert to wave phase transmiting the particle anti particle packages also into wave form. The cellestilline chemical creates a super luminal carrier wave known as the cellestilline wave or morphogenetic  maharic wave which the particle anti particle packages are suspended.
Due to the cellestilline sequencing directives, which allow the particle- anti particle packages in the nucleus to electrically bond to the super liminal cellestiline particles, the fused particles nad anti particles temporarily enter density FOUR.
This is dimension 12 pre matter as minute cellesma scalar waves or a state of suspended electromagnetism known as hydroplasmic liquid light from the 15th dimension forms. This hydro plasma liquid light substance sallows the fused particles and anti particles to retain their original form blue print in the form of a scalar grid tempalte. Portions of the cells atomic structure that were not drawn into the nucleus, which cannot fully bond to the cellestilline in its super luminal particle phase.
This causes the anhilation of the original form resulting from the particles and anti particles breaking down to form a transient, minute ,radioactive particle waves called Tracers, which are composed of phonotons and residual muons (lighter elementary nutrino particles and also misons, which are sub atomic units are made of two quarks.
In the nano momets before full transmutation of the body, an imprint of cellesma residue is excreted from the body cells that leaves a blue powder on the skin. This powder was called Chenkuleadoo. It was the SIXTH DIMENSIONAL LSD used by the Kings and Pharoahs to experience being a Christ, without growing into one.
This true form of crystalline blue powder is formed with the crystal light, gel and dust of the pre light and sound of the Cosmic Creation substance and then densified into a sixth dimensional substance. The substance is formed from a compound of cellesmia and muon bi product left in the body cells. This fine crystalline is cellestron residue. A temporary radioactive bi product.
A densified form of this 6th dimensional LSD is called DMT. This is the substance that our pineal gland creates at about four a.m. each morning. As the substance is pouring into the body, the neuronets connect into the sixth dimensional consciousness allowing communication with our higher self.
The following is an actual journey that can be taken in consciousness to activate the Cellesma within the DNA activation process.

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