A kundalini (life force) activation sequence, using 5D Earth’s core and 8D Earth’s core

A kundalini (life force) activation sequence, using 5D Earth’s core and 8D Earth’s core
This meditation is most effective if it exceeds 45 minutes, up to 3 hours. Doing deep meditation for 2-3 hours every day is recommended, as it transforms the entire body’s functioning into greater and greater higher mind embodiment.
1. While holding the hands at the height of the navel or solar plexus area, place your left hand’s thumb onto the line where the fingers of your right hand expand out from, as seen on the picture, in contact.
2. Connect the tips of your thumbs together so that the nails and the skin are touching.
3. Clench the fingers of your right hand around your left thumb while holding the thumbs in contact as seen in step two. Hold the other fingers of the left hand in contact lightly with the outer surface of the right hand. Hold this hand position at the height of the solar plexus or navel, or anywhere below the heart (the fingers of the right hand should be in as complete contact as possible around the left thumb). You may fully unlock this mudra with the audible or inaudible sound tone ‘pu’ while directing focus onto the mudra. Breathe deeply in the following way (concentrate on your heart chakra, root chakra, third eye chakra, and the central vertical current):, maintain contact between your tongue’s tip and the upper part of the mouth at all times, breathe through the nose only; starting with the first breath, make every odd number breath (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and so on) with tensed/contracted muscles at the area used for the stopping of urination (those muscles can be referred to as kundalini muscles due to their effects at unlocking kundalini into the root chakra of the physical body), and make the other breaths, 2, 4, 6, and so forth, without the contraction/tension at that area. Continue to breathe calmly/deeply that way for as long as you feel like you can, while maintaining focus on the heart and third eye chakras. Focus on energy arriving through your central vertical current from the core of 5th dimension Earth (left thumb, which is clenched in this position, is where the axiatonal line for the 5th dimension frequency band runs through, whereas the mudra/hand position is a way for the energy to be accumulated into the physical body directly, by forming a hyperspace vortex between many dimensions at once, due to the crossing of several axiatonal/vertical lines of the physical body, specifically used at the fingers and hands).
4. Maintain the breathing exactly as specified with breaths 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and so forth, with the tension at the muscles specified (the same action as done to stop urine flow). While doing so, place your hands onto your chest as shown in step four, thumbs not needed to be in contact, however they can be. This time hold you right hand over your left hand as they are gently on the chest, no pressure is to be generated onto the chest and its nerves. Continue to breathe the same way, see the generally blue-white-gold-pink-violet energy as already circulating between 5D Earth (blue light wave band, semi-etheric/semi-physical matter plane) core and your physical, nonphysical bodies during breathing that way. 
The precision of the visaluzation is not very imortant.
5. Do steps 1-4 completely with mirrored hand positions, clenching the right thumb with the left fingers, and having the left hand over the right hand on the chest in step four. Breathe also as was specified above, with the varying tension in the muscles specified (those that are designed to stop urine flow, however they work to activate kundalini into the physical body). The right thumb is where the axiatonal line for the 8th dimension (golden light wave band, etheric matter plane) runs through. In step five, see the energy as coming from the core of 8th dimension Earth.
You may use each of those hand positoons on their own to generate kundalini from Earth cores by using the thumb clenching ones, and by generating hyperspace life force currents by using the hands on the chest position.
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 Ascension Sciences from Godmind 



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