The Nature of Hyperspace

Hyperspace as a concept of reality can be easily made clear in the following way: If you visualize a series of rooms separated by walls, then hyperspace is the building, the walls and the space around the building, and dimensions are the ‘rooms’ of that building, with each dimension or room having certain geometric sound and light characteristics that determine its general laws of physics. Note, that this is only an analogy, and not the ‘mechanics’ of it. Hyperspace is the aspect of existence that is free from time/space dimensionality/differentiation. In actuality, dimensions don’t have absolute location in relation to themselves, instead they exist in the same ‘place’, having different angles of rotation of particle absolute vector spin (in relation to the angle of orientation at which other dimensions exist), thus the invisibility of manifestations that take place in higher dimensions, is a perceptual illusion (there are levels of awareness where all dimensions, planes of existence, and realities, can be perceived at once, as a single manifestation, as a single ‘equation’ – in hyperspace and other expanded states of awareness). Conscious life (and also superconscious – operational from godmind awareness) exists in the 15 dimensions of ‘normal’ space and time, as well as in hyperspace. Whoever exists in the dimensions of ‘normal’ space/time, also in some way or another, simultaneously exists in hyperspace and the formless energy/consciousness ‘matrix’- this is a law of physics that ultimately cannot be broken, because the continuity and ultimate interconnection of all beings, with their higher levels of identity is an absolute, despite of any disconnection experienced due to dimensional step-down (this means that beings who have digressed or fallen from the grace of their own infinite nature, despite of experiencing disconnection from highermind aspects of various kinds, are still ultimately one with the aspects of their identity that are still in the energy/consciousness matrix and other ‘higher’ or more expanded levels, and if ready, they can reconnect with those levels either directly or indirectly,  through contact or through a change of attitude, change of perspective, expansion of awareness, if it is the appropriate time – this is also known by some as redemption, amnesty, ect). Hyperspace is the medium through which all change ultimately is achieved, all dimensionalized and transdimensional consciousness is intrinsically connected to hyperspace, or the ‘space between space/time’. The energy/consciousness matrix beyond the 15 dimensional time/space matrix, is also inhabited by uncountable consciousnesses (mostly without polarity). Hyperspace is that which exists at onement with the time/space matrix as well as the energy/consciousness matrix. Beings who exist in the energy/consciousness matrix are fundamentally formless and unlimited in their energy and consciousness, compared to time/space matrix life forms, but are visible as geometries/geomancies from within the first 15 dimensions, which are space/time experienced at various ‘speeds’ and angles. Beings in hyperspace can appear in both the forms that dimensionalized beings are accustomed to in their own realities, as well as orbs of various color and size, as well as other textured patterns of pure consciousness, as well as the geometric looking (more accurate representations of them) forms, which are seemingly paradoxically, formless, beyond size and duration, compared to fully dimensionalized matter/energy/consciousness. Imagination, both deliberately as well as spontaneously, can connect directly to hyperspace levels of awareness, if the timing for this has been cocreated between the higher mind and the physical/fully embodied mind/consciousness. From the point of view of hyperspace, what is called space and time (which are one thing), itself has textures, tastes, smells, colors and other sensory characteristics that may be ‘normally’ regarded as properties of matter/energy, and those sensory characteristics are influenced by and characterize the information (accurately) about the state of being, of the collective energy of the consciousnesses/beings in the dimensions of space/time that are perceived, and also, the sensory textures of the consciousness and energy of any individual entity, being, object, place, phenomenon, in any of the 15 dimensions of space/time. Hyperspace experiences are often dynamic and spontaneous in nature. This means that the alteration of state that leads to hyperspace awareness mode, can happen during fully waking consciousness and in fully physical focus. This is technically somewhat different from experiencing veillessness of multidimensional perceptions into higher dimensions of space and time, but it is similar (perception of higher dimensions increases while in hyperspace mode, whether in embodiment or more out of the body, such as in hyperspace meditations). Godmind hyperspace in  is therefore, the ‘glue’ that is the connection between all realms, it is what is inside rather than on the outside/dimensionalized, and it is somewhat identical to the concept of an energy/consciousness matrix beyond the 15-dimensional time/space matrix that is mentioned in some other publications.
Hyperspace – the ‘space’ between the dimensions, the medium of consciousness and energy that spans all of existence and is the ‘common ground’ type medium that is common to all levels of reality and to all infinite timelines/parallel realities and all their subsets – both the dimensional and the transdimensional realms and every single subset of those realms, and is directly connected to and related to the infinite one intelligence or godmind, of the one infinite creator/being, that all beings ultimately are. It is what beings and vehicles traverse momentarily through, to get from one dimension or location in space and time to another. It is in use by all beings, because ultimately, everyone has a level of self that directly operates in godmind – the higher mind/superconscious mind. Hyperspace has very many ‘levels’ or ‘layers’ of consciousness, and is the place where absolutely all ideas ever thought of, about anything and everything, are ‘stored’ or exist. Absolutely everything manifested anywhere, is first created in hyperspace or godmind first, even the distorted or unhealed manifestations. It is the medium for all the infinite possibilities that the infinity of the one creator innately is, and is accessible directly by those who are ready to do so. The uses of hyperspace are limited only by the limitations that a self has, primarily of thought/belief, distortions, from which other particulars of a being fundamentally derive.
May the transparent light of your higher mind shine from the eyes of your soul to all that is. The good colors that best connect to godmind hyperspace, individually and in combination are royal blue, transparent white light, gold, violet, and electric blue-white light, and other colors. You can also tune into it simply by focusing on that idea of godmind hyperspace, in a calm way. There are very many ways to achieve that state (creativity, love, spiritually expanded and enlightened states of awareness, some forms and instances of prayer, deep meditation, deep contemplation, in the moment states of being, of spontaneity, and other states where the self is allowed to be in a natural, calm, balanced, flow state). It is known by many names. Extremely large scale positive collective changes as well as changes of oneself (generally without limitation of spacetime coordinates) can be, with ultimate effects in the long run, commanded to your superconscious mind, to the level of hyperspace where everything can be changed to be more positive (a being’s will, free will itself, is connected to that level of hyperspace intrinsically – all beings are all ultimately pure unlimited awareness, knowingness) . So I do command: my higher mind, now, at the level of Reality, hyperspace where everything can be changed completely and permanently, please awaken as much of humanity as is positively possible, and bring freedom and full enlightenment to as many people as possible on Earth, who are not yet fully free. This call has been heard, actions are being taken (note that the law of free will does apply here). Reader, you are welcome to do the same, the intention and thought of a being are extremely powerful, as is deep breathing with that intention (breathing progressively expands consciousness and awareness and energy circulation and embodiment capacity. With wise and conscious direction of energy through breathing, many untold and ‘miraculous’ manifestations of the self are possible.)
A hyperspace type of merkaba/gateway that is capable of dimensionalized and nondimensionalized (free of the 15-dimensional time/space structures) travel across different coordinates not only of time and space but of timelines and parallel realities also. This geometry also functions as a ready to use gateway for conscious perception of any locattion in Reality. It uses the Christos seed atom of the self (in the body, it is at the thymus gland) and other structures within existence, as a gateway directly to any realm of existence.

A multipurpose hyperspace gateway (connects to specific realms of godmind hyperspace/energy/consciousness matrix that are home to frequencies of pure consciousness that deal directly with the very nature of the construction of creation in its infinite forms and variations. This kind of a gateway opens and activates into the lower abdomen and chest region during breathing.
Source and All Rights Reserved: Ascension Sciences from Godmind ~
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