Dr. Angela Barnett (c) 2016
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(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
One day, you will look at your body, and it will have disappeared, and you will see a New Body in a New Place. Of course, it is true that these things will not happen to the Masses for about three more decades. It will happen to those who have chosen to become Invisible.
The future is allowing those who desire to become Christs the most excellent radiation of point zero where those bands or spheres of music and sound that radiate are filled with all that radiates and they create an exquisite ambiance within those who have moved themselves within the gamma waves and over the rainbow into the Universal Christ Light. These new waves of stellar radiation singing through the sun’s heliosphere prepare the orchestration and angles of light for new realities to appear through those who choose to be Christ.
There was a prediction about the second coming of Christ appearing on a Silver Screen. That Silver Screen is the Radial Orb around our bodies and it is the DNA playing the new frequencies that have woven us back into the Over Soul of our Christ Consciousness that will project out on to the screen and Behold Christ has appeared before you. You are the Second Coming of Christ, and you will appear on the Silver Screen in front of you.
Christs are made from simple people who are not so blinded by the needs and wants of the world. From their humble origins have not so many things to tress pass their minds from the starry night and the enchanting moon and the golden morning’s clouds laced in Rose and Purple. Christs are those who have moved within the Dark Room of the Mind of God where they can see the True Magic of God’s Creation right before their eyes.
Christs are simple people who do not need to surround their lives with an assortment of distractions that compel their needs and emotions. They seek the Illumination of those things. 2016 is the year of Illumination. It is the first year when a new Christ Consciousness will become awakened on Earth.
The Mind requires the freedom to observe and see and not have the need to be seen or noticed. How is it possible for you to make room in your life, to make room in your mind for genius? To make room in your mind for observation?
And to be as thrilled and fullfilled by the morning dawn and midnight blue spangled with diamonds? Where will you find the time to leave the society and move into the kingdom of illumination? The Illuminated Mind moves freely in the Ethers of Greatness. The place where there is nothing more significant than the nature that enchants us is the place where the Christs will go. The society does not pursue such great things.
The year of Illumination will begin the awakening of the Greatness within all that is in your mind. The society might not be involved in this greatness, but it will still be there. The Masses may not see the Kingdom of Heaven unfolding in front of their eyes, but it will still be there.
Those who have chosen to conform their minds to the rules of the world may not realize the new version of them self who was given rebirth into a brand new body, but it will happen to those who choose to walk through the mirror by raising their frequencies into the Cosmic Consciousness beyond space, time, people and events.
Must we lower our observations that they demand us to hear their objections and then to rudely comply with them?
What happens when we comply? Are we subject to the most subtle nuance of proper behavior if we falter? We are judged harshly if we comply. We are embraced into those shallow depths of duplicity, so that that we seek will have been lost. We will have lost our observation of forever in order to please the temporal mind who has no commitment.
If you give up your life working against your own karma for “their” approval, you are blinding yourself every day to be liked and to be loved, to be embraced, to be popular. Where will “they” be in the moment of your death. Since you have lived so congenially and so hard that all of your resources have flipped in on a body that has bulked into conformity. Where are they when you die? Will they lay down their life and die for you? Why should we sacrifice our lives for “them” for those who mold us in to their mediocrity? Why should we conform to the ways that will not allow our freedom?
When we stumble upon a fellow who knows these things and allows us to forgive and grow, who allows us on our journey and yet is our companion. In such Love we are in the Midst of Someone in their Eternal Wisdom, Allowance, Stability and Greatness which allows them to Liquify you into the permission to be who you are and allows you to make that journey until such a day when the wisdom that you are leaving may become a light to someone else.
What is it that we achieve before man? Victory is a fleeting thing. For what we pursue we to be victorious in the eyes of men. But that we be victorious in the eyes of our self.
Surely there is a person unto which glory is a substantial existence and then how great we bless our day.
Without resistance we are allowed to dissolve it without re percussion.
Are you loved always in this journey by an Eternal and Ambitious God whose ambition is NESTLED IN YOU and that is a Glorious Thing. Every omnion of your being is God. Behold Christ in the Mirror.
Only the presence of Joy is here. We dissolved all of the past and become anchored in the moment.

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