Magic Dolphin Therapy

This albums contain the Dolphins melodies and frequencies that activate the Music of the Spheres and contains the voices of angelic dolphins, the dolphins who are the lords of our water, the aquafarian dolphins and the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean voices. 
These dolphin voices and frequencies woven into the magical god language of our Starry Families from Sirius to create the triangulation required for beginning telepathic communication with Dolphins.
MAGIC DOLPHIN THERAPY is a set of albums containing the Bio-Regenisis program of the Cosmic Dolphin Raceline from Sun Ha, who are here to align Earth back into the Violet Sphere of Suns HA and LA, who were the Original Sixth and Seventh Suns of our Cosmic Matrix.
This album carries the Frequencies of the Dolphin’s Bliss, Joy and Excitement that is the natural part of their consciousness.
The Dolphins and Whales are always celebrating. They are always living in BLISS. The frequency of Bliss is REQUIRED to Manifest. The Dolphins and Whales are always manifesting a brand new reality of Love, Joy, Bliss and Excitement.
Crystal Magic Orchestra
(Note please that while visiting CMO webpage be aware that although part of their Teachings are based on Freedom Teachings – Keylontic Science too, not all the theoretical Information shared is 100% accurate and Organic in relation to them. Much Love)

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