Removing the Judgement Brain

The Neo Cortex is the Judgement Center. The only thing the Neo Cortex does is place Judgements on everything that you try to Think About. There is only one way to remove judgement from your life. That is to remove the Thinking Brain. When there are no judgements, then and only then can the Mind of God begin to function in your life to create you heart’s desires instantly.
Thou Shalt not judge takes on a much larger meaning than we have realized. This commandment is telling us to turn off our thinking brain so that the Mind of God can return to its jurisdiction.
While the person who is trying to keep his or her Mind on God and connect to the Frequencies of Source Consciousness, the Neo Cortex is Fighting the Process. The Neo Cortex sends a flow of poison into the Mid Brain that pollutes the efforts of creating the Body that is in the Mind of God.
In order to heal or manifest, all we have to do is stay so completely in the Frequency Specific Mid Brain that the Thinking Brain can not enter in to the process of manifestation.
I have been going through a challenge this week that has allowed me to see how this process works. Several days ago I ripped something in my back when I was lifting a heavy object incorrectly. It was so painful that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think.
So, I went through this process of moving completely into the Mid Brain with my Frequency Music to help hold me within this Trance Like State that connects me completely into the Realm where I could be a RECEIVER of pure energy. I would reach this state of Purity, where there were absolutely no thoughts coming in except visualizing my body as being a perfect body of light. I would feel brand new. It did not hurt to move in bed or to bend down and pick something up. The pain was completely gone.
And then I would have one little tiny negative thought about something and I would go right back to the way I was. And then I would go through the clearing again and it would feel like I had shifted into a brand new body.
But, one little negative thought would come in and I would shift back to the other body with pain. It became very obvious that I was shifting back and forth between two different bodies. This is a sign of the times. We are in such a fluid state of Consciousness now that we can actually see the two different realities side by side. One reality is within the Consciousness of the Mind of God. One reality is within the Neo Cortex- Mind of Man.
This is an excellent opportunity for me to see and realize how often my mind strays back into the old thoughts of the Thinking Brain. I am very motivated to stay in the Mind of God where the Perfect Body always exists.
The purpose of the TRANCE album is to PARALYZE, TRANCE OUT and HYPNOTIZE  the Neo Cortex, so that it just can not create Judgements. It becomes completely disfunctional. It begins to allow the pure truth from the Mid Brain do the THINKING.
It is important to practice moving the Consciousness completely into the Full Light Field along with the Cosmic Frequencies in the music until you reach a TRANCE state. The Trance state means that you are moved out of the Neo Cortex and into the Mid Brain. When the Desire is placed in the Mid Brain and help there in complete purity, the desire will manifest.
Crystal Magic Newsletter 2/9/20115~ 

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