Ascension and Manifestation

Every message and article that I send to you is a part of the entire teachings of ascension. As you know, it is difficult to even digest one or two of my articles at a time, because the information contained in each word is infinite. That is because it comes from an Infinite Source.
I would like to bring forth a new point. Everything that I say about ascension is also true about manifestation. Ascending and manifesting are pretty much the same thing. Once we are aligned into the etheric realms continuously, meaning we have ascended into oneness with eternal mind, manifestation will happen instantly. The time that it takes for one to manifest their heart’s desire is equal to the distance between the person’s consciousness and the mind of god. If one is completely removed from their mind, and totally in the subconscious of the etheric realms, and then has a desire that so vivid and clear that they could draw a picture of it, and they are completely attuned with the mind of god frequencies, the idea will manifest in the next exhale. That is the true law of divinity.
I would like to present a new idea. This is an old idea, but I’d like to present it in a new way. It involves all of the music, all of the frequencies, and all of my teachings.
The body as we think of it having five senses — touch, see, hear, taste, smell is the PRISON PLANET.
Those five senses where locked away from the SEVEN HIGHER SENSES that are the senses of our Soul Matrix and Over Soul Matrix. These are senses that we think of as Emotional, Intuition, Knowing.
The Seals, the Miasms, the reverse spin technology, the Frequency Fences that have been used by the Zetas ( the ones known as the Greys), simply detached our five senses from the other seven senses.
The teachings, the meditations, the frequency music on this website is for the basic purpose of plugging the five senses of the body into the seven senses of the anti particle bodies, the Soul Matrixes, the Higher Selves, the All Knowing All Seeing Spiritual Selves.
We were never supposed to be separated from our Spiritual Selves. The Frequencies are the carriers of consciousness between the body template of the three dimensional reality into the fifteen dimensional reality.
This is the reality that we are in the process of waking up into.
The higher frequencies that we must attach to are in the etheric realms. This etheric, invisible place is the invisible substance outside of the body and inside the body. If we go 12 inches above the head, we are attaching to the 12th dimensional consciousness. If we raise our conscious focus 36 inches above our head we are attaching to the cosmic or 14th dimensional focus. In order to embrace the entire body in the 12th dimension we would draw a circle that has its top at 12 inches above and then 12 inches below the Earth’s crust. We are always a part of the Earth’s body.
When we want to enclose the body in the Cosmic Consciousness we would be in a sphere that is 36 inches above the head and down to the Core of the Inner Earth, so we would draw the sphere from above the head down to the center of the Earth to connect to the 14th dimension. We are able to stay in these spheres because the Merkaba is spinning at the speed of at one ment to hold us in that state of accretion.
The Spiritual is also deep within us, so far within the cells of our bodies that we would need to go beyond the microscope, beyond the quarks of quantum physics into a much more etheric level of omnions and then into the zero point where physical meets spiritual.
These are the realms of spiritual frequencies that the consciousness must practice connecting to in order to become reconnected into the Super Consciousness of those seven senses that we have been locked out of.
This is basically what ascension is. We have been moving away from the spiritual at one ment and now we are moving back to the spiritual at one ment or attunement of frequencies of the physical into the spiritiual.
Once we are plugged back in to our Soul Matrix and our Consciousness that is beyond the senses, we become the all knowing. Our Soul Matrix and Over Soul Matrix knows all because there is now separation between our Consciousness and the Consciousness of Source or the mind of God.
When we are plugged back in, or when the Frequency Fence is completely Dissolved as a result of raising the accretion level through frequencies, we regain our Infinite All Knowing Mind.
That is the purpose of these articles, these newsletters, all of the readings, meditations, and frequencies on this Websiste.
Ascension is a highly scientific process of multidimensional energy mechanics that represent the universal order through which consciousness  experiences itself as being. There are natural laws of energy mechanics that govern and uphold the function of the universe. Ascension represents the path of order through which consciousness evolves through a structured multidimensional system.
We were taught to think of ascension as something that is done through a church system, rather than through a scientific system. Actually Ascension is  purely scientific. It involves the transmutation of particles and anti-particles into progressively less dense matter. As a planetary body ascends into less and less dense states of matter so do the bodies living upon the planetary body.
When the particles and anti particles leave their morphogenetic field they reverse their spin and polarity and shift their angle of rotation by 45 degrees. This is what the scientists found when they studied the positron. They learned that the anti particle substance of an electron is a positron. They discovered that the electron and positron are actually just two versions of the same particle, only one is going one way and the other is going another way.
The Guardian Race Scientists have taught us that when the particle shifts into the positron it causes a 45 degree shift in angle of rotation and shift in polarity. If we were to go into the complete 45 degree shift, we would become extremely less dense. Our Guardian Races decided to slow the shift down so that we only move into 23.5 degree shift. The 45 degree shift would mean we completely shifted into Tara, while the 23.5 degree shift only means we shift into Inner Earth.
We need to do a personal accretion in frequencies into 4.5 in order to visualize Inner Earth.
Many people think that we only made a shift into the fourth dimension. Well, that is just not true. We were in the fourth dimension all of 2012, and  quite a while before that. Now, we are in the 4.25- 5 level of accretion. There are many people on Earth who are already fifth dimensional, and many who have the 4.5 accretion level allowing them to hear, feel and begin to visualize Inner Earth.
There are channelings out there that make ascension sound like a time when everyone gets more enlightened and there will be these intelligent beings coming to meet us who walk up some stairway from Inner Earth, or land in their space ships. The types of visualizations that are being placed in the minds of the reader are very low astral levels from the hybernization zones where beings do not have enough light to discern the truth from another attempt, by invader races and Annunaki, to suck our 5 DNA out of us once again as they did in Atlantis 30,000 years ago.
It is imperative that we each take the responsibility of raising our own frequencies, learn to see and communicate with our own spiritual self and soul matrix, rather than wait around to be invited on some one elses space ship. If you are invited on a space ship, it should be a merkaba light vehicle that is made of the light bodies of your soul family. When you merge your merkaba light vehicle into theirs you will achieve multidimensional freedom.
We will return to being the Seventh Root Race carrying the fifth and sixth DNA strands who live on Tara, as we were before the FALL. When we attune into the fifth dimensional sphere within Inner Earth that carries our complete 12 subharmonics from our entire 12 races within our race line, we will be ready to return to the divine state of Eternal Beings.
In order for our spiritual self to enter into our bodies, we must raise our frequencies to the level where we have transmutted all negative energies out of our consciousness field, including our brains, our cells, our deepr level cells, all karmic memories, all negative consciousness left over from past lives. We must become an empty vessel in order for the spiritual vessel to replace the old one. We are literally pouring wine (Christic blood crystals) into our empty vessel.
The Ascension Formula that you may read on the Meditation Page and order as the Ascension Meditation mp3’s is showing that the place that we must go to in order to fully transform our bodies into the parallel spiritual self is within the Inner Earth’s Core. this would be the spiritual twin of Inner Earth (Urtha). The etheric light body template is taken in consciousness down into the 13 dimensional body within the Earth. At this level of consciousness we place our body on a liquid light mirror. That would be the atomic mirror of transmutation. When we push the body through the mirror we become the spiritual double. First, we collect the heliotalic, 14th dimensional liquid light substance into the body to begin the transformation. That gives the body enough frequency in the skin and bones cellular structure to begin the final transmutation into full light. When the body has been transformed to that level, then the body can just be lain in bed as the remaining karma is pulled out of the body by the Sirius B Adashi Temple Light Streams. We have been going through this cleansing process for several years. Now, is time for the sun to do the final cleansing.
Dr. Angela Barnett
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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