Kristos/12d/Avatar/Higher Self embodiment

How to become one with the higher self
Christos/12d/Avatar/Higher Self embodiment (the picture is dynamically relevant to this meditation):
You may use any of the hyperspace mudras on this site, to deepen the altered states that your higher self produces.
1. Form an agreement between your higher self and you, to move and transfer your young soul aspects (all), to their corresponding nonterrestrial bodies, and their reflection agreements (“lessons”) also, to vacate the physical body from all but experienced/ancient soul aspects, in this precise way.
2. Intend to increase higher self embodiment and observe it being done, in a meditative state. This process is done based on what is most appropriate, but you have a choice to go through with it, as you ARE your higher self, and Your will is respected, and will be reciprocated.
(the primary reasons why this hadn’t been done so yet was because of the fact that the learning/reflection agreements of young soul aspects were still with the physical body, not that this is bad, but it would interfere with full avatar/12d/christos self embodiment).
3. The higher self will begin upgrades of the physical body, increasing its DNA content and many other upgrades, often done into your ‘past’, thus changing some events to a degree, possibly replicating portions of this meditation into the past in a partial way, paving way for other potential changes of past events of a similar and related nature.
4. Flow with this process, and observe the changes from a gentle, unfolding state of being.
This meditation is suitable for anyone whose avatar/12d/Christos self agrees.
Part II
1. Give command to your higher self to impose upon your personality matrix, your soul matrix, your oversoul matrix – the 12-dimensional avatar divine personality and template infused with immutably pure plasma, permanently and completely, at the level of template and at all the other levels of self.
2. Observe changes and accustom to them.
Part III
1. Make an agreement/command/affirmation to your higher self to permanently transfer all of the karma and negative attachments of the young soul aspects/aspects not part of the Avatar, Rishi, Ascended Master levels integration, into their respective bodies.
2 . Observe the process from the energy and consciousness of your higher self.
Source and All Rights Reserved:  Ascension sciences from Godmind

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