This is the first time in millions of years that the human angelics, starseeds, and other angelic races are being given the opportunity to WALK THROUGH THE STARGATES without DEATH. The activity of walking into the candle and back out with your spiritual self, or walking through the mirror is allowing us to practice the actual process of walking into the Higher Earth reality without having to die, put on a new body and then waking up on the other side.
This divine right of ascending into a higher reality was taken away from the angelic races on planet Earth by a series of very nasty tricks used to make us into a raceline that was used as an energy source for fallen angelic races.
Originally, the Guardian Races thought there would only by thousands of angelic humans who would be able to walk through the veil into the new reality. Now, it looks like there will be millions who can do this, and the number grows every day that a few more are guided to realize how rare this opportunity is and begin to make this the first priority in their life.
We are actually being given the guidance and divine ability and direction to align our bodies with our spiritual self in order to transmute enough of the light energy into our physical body where it can achieve the light portion required to walk through or shift into .
I believe that this opportunity should be put above EVERYTHING ELSE in our life. We are being given the chance to NOT DIE and to ascend into ETERNAL LIFE.
The reason that I changed the INDIVIDUALIZE ALBUM from IMMORTALTIY ALBUM to ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is because these are two very different realities. The Fallen Angelics have created a system for themselves where they pull entire Matrixes of angelic frequencies into their Phantom Reality systems and feed off of the Angelic Frequencies for hundreds of thousands of years. They call themselves Immortals.
Our ETERNAL LIFE frequencies and all frequencies on our website connect first to Source, continuously to Source and use the Source frequencies to purify and align all other spheres of the music of the spheres atunement.
If you want to learn what ascension really is and how we can learn to walk through the veil to the other side of reality, then keep reading.
In order to absorb the frequencies of your spiritual bodies, focus on frequencies of the music entering into your cells and feel your cells changing into star dust.
Imagine your body template lying on top of a mirror made of crystal liquid light. If you see your body with the face down into the mirror, you would be looking at yourself. However, if your back is against the mirror, the eyes and ears that are SEEING or HEARING are the Divine Eyes and Ears of Source. The eyes and ears of your Star Self is perfectly projecting through this mirror or crystal light.
During the process of the perfect vision and feeling of the liquid light frequencies transporting the Immortal Frequencies of the Divine Starry Self, there might be some bumps along the way because as the perfect light body is entering in and transforming the body template into its manifest immortality, there might be some miasms of error that need to be removed from the body template.
Our eyes and ears are the frequencies of the Omniversal. We see as a star sees. We see and hear the Divine Perfection of who you really are. You need to lay your body on top of the Divine Mirror that allows only the Starry Eyes and Ears of Source to enter in through the Highest Frequencies that you are listening to. Allow the highest frequencies to enter into your Divine Template and remove all that might be blocking you from the Divine Mirror of your Spiritual Selfhood.
There is a process involved in listening. I recommend you approach this as a work in progress and see if you hear something a little bit different each time you listen. The human ear has been listening to third dimensional tones for a very long time. When we create the individual immortality CD’s we are using the sacred geometry of aligning each individual frequency signature, which is obtained through a breath of consciousness, and weaving each frequency signature from this physical domain of the third dimension directly into the highest frequencies of the 12th dimensional spiritual selves. These spiritual selves are the mirror image of the Divine One. The frequencies of the Divine One or the Divine Blue Print of the immortal selfhood transmutes all of the breaths from the dimensions of the physical, visual into the invisible, spiritual light and sound spectrum.
While listening to the frequency signature breaths, concentrate on seeing a mirror image of your Divine Blue Print or your spiritual light body absorbing into your body from your back. Feel the frequencies penetrating the cells in your body from the inside to the outside. Feel the frequencies awakening the spark of Source that has been left to sleep deep within each cell in the body. Feel the frequencies re-uniting into Oneness with the Soul, which is a sphere of blue crystal frequencies waiting directly below the heart area. Feel the Soul awakening to what it has been waiting for eons for you to discover about your self. Feel your physical body as a mini-me tiny figure, and place it inside of the blue crystal sphere which is your Soul. Feel the Soul frequencies and the spiritual self frequencies combining into a new symphony of harmonic rhythms.
We will call this the Atunement Body which has been attuned into it’s spiritual light body.
STEP TWO: Feel the spiritual light body from the spiritual self from the middle domains of the Core of Inner Earth uniting into Oneness with the physical etheric body from Inner Earth. Feel the frequencies weaving those two bodies – one more etheric and one purely spiritual into your Atunement Body.
(In our experience, this was the unification of our Mermaid and Dolphin bodies in Aquafaria into the Music of the Spheres in the Crystal Caves of the Blue Liquid Light domains of Inner Earth. The Foundation Meditation will lead you into the journey that we take to collect these frequencies).
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)
The presound and light field exists in a realm that has been completely invisible and unknowable to those on Earth for many eons of time. We must take our consciousness to the other side of reality. That other side is obtained by the exact mechanics as going through a mirror and then looking back at your self from the other side of the mirror.
We must create this atomic activation, which is the same as the atomic radiation that is required to go back into the rebirth chamber which is created through the liquid light creation of Source Consciousness. This is what I call the diamond door.
If we take a candle and imagine that our body is the black stem. We light the stem of the candle and a flame is created. This sparking of creation into a flame is very much like what happens when an idea is created by Source.
Place a mini me version of your self standing where the stem is. Notice that your body is completely within the flame of the candle. That candle flame contains the complete spectrum of light. It contains the hertzian level, which is where you see your body standing. Just on top of that black area we can see infra red light energy. On top of that area we can see a bit of visible light energy. Above that there is a pure white light or invisible light. This is the portion of reality that has been unknown and unseen by us on Earth so far in our Evolutionary process.
This is where the reality of 5D comes in. We can not yet see 5D because we haven’t gone through the atomic mirror that reflects that anti particle energy back to us from the other side of reality. When we activate our energy field or our frequency level, we can look into the invisible light spectra of the candle, walk into the candle the same way we walk into the mirror, feel the atomic radiation as you walk into the candle. The next frequency above the invisible is the x-ray frequency. That x-ray frequency allows our consciousness to go inside of the light and see the other side. It is just like the radiation of an x-ray allowing us to walk through the chamber and see the other side. When we walk our consciousness into the candle, turn around and face our selves from the other side, we see our blue body. That blue flame that we see glowing from the candle where the white light used to be is the evidence of connecting into oneness with the anti particle self on the other side of the invisible realm. When we can see the blue flame pope out from the candle, that means we have made contact with our 5D blue body.
Those people who claim they have entered 5D earth or that they have had 5D experiences, have not experienced 5D until they can first see the blue flame that has transposed their consciousness.
The next test of 5D perception is to be able to hold that reality of flipping the consciousness into the anti particle reality of the blue flame long enough that it becomes a reality with or without the flames help. I use the frequency music that I’ve created to trap that 5D perception that I obtain by listening to the music and looking at the candle to get started. This shift of perception takes time and energy. It takes a conscious understanding of bringing the spiritual self into at one ment with the physical self. The spiritual anti partical self of the parallel Universe stands on the other side of the veil facing forward. When we walk through the candle, we are walking through invisible light and x ray light and then turning around and walking into the spiritual body. When that happens we can see the light turn blue. That means that you have connected consciousness to your spiritual self in the parallel universe.
When we lay our body flat and ride the body down to the core of Earth and go into the next step down of the etheric liquid light area of the 14th dimension, we are also allowing the body to absorb the liquid light energy that removes the separation of the spiritual body to come into the physical body. We must become at one with the spiritual body within the Earth and the spiritual body within the parallel Earth. When all four of our selves are united, we become a complete fifth dimensional consciousness of multidimensional reality.
The use of the light and the mirror helps one to feel the process, however it takes imagination of the reality to make the feeling click the first time. The frequency music that I create is to help with that original feeling process. When you have an Eternal Life mp3 created, I include the meditations of the ascension formula that pulls your body into the liquid light frequencies to help ignite that exact frequency of atunement.
All of the frequencies on the Eternal Life mp3 are the frequencies that I collect in my consciousness as I hold your light body in my hands and guide it through the frequencies of transformation as I connect my consciousness to the All that Is Source that has created the divine template of your perfect reality and allows us to retune to that divine template once we walk through the invisible light into the atomic radiation of liquid light energy.
Dr. Angela Barnett
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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