Light Language ૐ

Sound manifested in the form of Music or light language/mantras/tones, are as well extremely important to use regularly for the good mantainance, for the healing and activation of our energy~ Many scientifical studies have been made already in this field too showing how sound can through its harmonized or distorted recreation/vibration modify particles into different geometrical shapes~ For example a chillout music usualy creates much more harmonized and organic geometric patterns then a heavy metal music does, meaning that the first one has more probabilities to help you relax and positivily focusing then the second music does~ This doesn´t means one has to change their musical tastes, but I´m sure, as one moves into pure higher aspects of the self, naturaly also starts to feel attracted to sounds or musics that reflects more of that state  of awareness or of being~ If you feel inclined to also know more about this the most known studies were made by the japanese Dr. Masuro Emoto that shows the impact of vibration through music and emotional thoughts in the Water~ You can also check out for Cymatics, which means “wave” or “vibration”, and studies how the “invisible” sounds affects matter  ~ ~ ~

One great Sound support for this Ascension Process is shared by Crystal Magic OrquestraTheir music is just not different, it is from my perspective indeed Unique , as they pass down the frequencies/sounds from the different Cosmical levels that they connect to. This means when you are going to listen to them, you are literaly going to awaken in your DNA the connection/frequencies to this other realms, levels, dimensions, realities of existence~ Therefore, their music can be used for deep Healing, dna Activations and celular Transmutation, for Higher Self Embodiment & Vertical Alignment with It and God Source Mind/Fields in a different and relaxed way, since interaction with the Sound is all that is needed. In their own words: “Their music is Cosmic Future Holographic Revelationary Music. Crystal Magic Orchestra’s music is the Magical element that will allow for cellular transmutation, time travel, dimensional ascension and assist in preparing the listener’s body to become a normal 5D Immortal Person and then also be able to manifest the reality that makes one happy and joyful. Dr. Angela “Crystalai” Barnett is an accomplished recording musician and music composer. Her music is healing in a way that is not found in other music. Her music is heavenly and creates a healing atmosphere of love from the breaths of Cosmic Entities who are transforming our Consciousness and our world at this time.” (Note please that Im recomending the Music, so while visiting CMO webpage be aware that although part of their Teachings are based on Freedom Teachings – Keylontic Science too, not all the theoretical Information shared is 100% accurate and Organic in relation to them)

In relation to the usage of mantras,  certain Mantras spoken in Sanskrit language for example are also benefic to us, because this Ancient Languages are still carrying specific Tones that connects our being to Higher aspects of ourselves in a much deep and faster way~ the same way this specific tones can be able to activate certain aspects of our DNA or cells, because they are still encoded there, and with Tones used in our regular languages that is simply not achievable~ why? Because the same way the Energetics of our Bodies have been distorted and disconected, so did our connection to our Higher Awareness and so did our Original Spoken Languages~ The Languages spoken nowadays on Earth carry very few type of Tones that are connected to higher dimensions of Existence, or simply to our True Nature, wich used to be in essence Multidimensional~ So if it´s the first time you are connecting to Light Language, light language is a form of spoken universal languages that carry higher tones/vibrations related to higher realities/realms/dimensions and when applied or spoken they work like mathematical codes that can activate and retransform or alter our states of consciousness, of our DNA, of our entire energetic structure and therefore enhances our healing and evolution~

That´s how universal beings communicate between them, thats how our “worlds” are created, and it also was how we used to communicate in the past, well long past ago  ~ ~ ~

As you start to connect to Light Language you  will understand that has a lot to do with feeling and higher sensory mind and very few with rational 3D mind~  This doesn´t mean of course that there are not certain tones that if translated they really carry already a very specific translation like for example Akira, is a Lyran Tone and means, ah~infinity, ki~nexus, Ra~oneness. So Akira means the connection between Infinity and Oneness and can be associated to our Heart and Higher Heart centers~ If you chant it you will feel the vibration in that area. So Akira has the greatest  potential of clearing and opening that centers~ (this info is shared by the author Otto Jakobson, see youtube channel if interested) .

lyran heart_thymus activation sound
             Akira Mantra ~ Rights Reserved to Ascension Sciences from Godmind

So how do you get to speak it too? Well, first by having contact with it, to listen to it and then, as you remember it and get used to it and give permission to your physical mind to connect to your higher mind and allow it to bring this knowledge back to you, you will gradualy, as your mind expansion evolves, maybe start also to speak it or even to write it if you wish so : ) But have in mind, as I said, to bring back this memory one has to step into our higher senses for this languages are spoken and transmited through empathic states of being and are encoded in our dorment higher mind/DNA~ or in others words you have to be fully open to feel what you are transmiting or recieving and understanding~ therefore the rational 3d mind can´t help much here~

There are many people already speaking and sharing many teachings and healing through light language around the world ~ I would suggest in this case, from my own experience and perspective, if you are already familiar to it and you choose to explore more about it and your Ascension Process, you can find light language being used in most of the teachings given by Freedom Teachings- Original Keylontic Science Teachings. See Sacred Psonns as an example : )

With Freedom Teachings, for example, I´ve learned that Anuhazi is the first Language spoken in this Time Matrix ….. one small transcription from Engaging the Gods Languages, by Ashayana Dean: “There are songs in Anuhazi that you can sing to neutralize the neurological structures of an attacker. Language can activate or shut down DNA. Our languages keep us trapped. The Anuhazi language sounds can set protection grids and key a room from the astral plane. You can use Anuhazi to activate D-12 frequency and bring it quickly into the body. The phrase Um Sha-Di`UR`A` ah Khum` Tun blows open your connection to your Christos level. Use for protection and problem solving. Groups can sit and tone and then project that energy for healing. (…) They are words here, but in the Morphogenetic Field they are programs, literal programs that direct how certain things are going to work in the Morphogenetic Field. If you are taught that you can not control your DNA, you are sending a thought pattern into your Morfogenetic field that stops you from affecting your DNA. This is how powerful your thoughts are. Thought is the substance you are going to be using in Keylontic Morphogenetic Science.”

There´s also other and many more spoken languages like Sirian, Arcturian, Orion, Elvin, Pleidian, Andromedan, etc ~ ~ ~

In conclusion, as well as the using of ligh language tones be it spoken or chanted in mantras, & listening to higher vibrational music everyday,  the good use of colors and pure Kristic geometries can also help us to clear energetical blockages, to activate DNA, to heal us in a variety of energetical aspects and  activate higher parts of our Universal Self or Multidimensional Self, or our Higher Mind, and of course it will end up bringing us more balance, peace, harmony, Joy, understanding into our Daily Lives and not only in relation to ourselves, but in relation to the world and the others around Us~

We know that Everything is always connected, but being able to percieve the difference between an apparently Mathematical/Interconected Existence, and a Real Organic Mathematical Existence, takes time, Healing, and remembrace of Who we really Are and Why are We really here. This means that things like light language or telepathy used to be a part of our natural way of living and communicating, but we are getting there again, finally : )  ~ ~ ~

 ~ Smile, Keep Calm and ~

~ Use Light Language and Telepathy : )

~ ~ ~ ☼ Peace Love Light ☼  ~ ~ ~

 ~ Na Mas Te ~

 ~ ☼ ~ 

Vê  Linguagem da Luz em português


 Ari Yana * * * 


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