Time Travel Mechanics

Dr. Angela Barnet
Crystal Magic Orchestra.com

If you travel beyond your own planet and come into the stars, your DNA would accelerate 500 fold. I prepare the frequencies of those stars beyond our planet so that the listener may infuse those frequencies of the stars into their DNA in order to accelerate DNA activation. This acceleration will take place naturally within the Mass Consciousness over the next 100 years. WHY WAIT? We have been given the technology to shift our frequencies into the frequencies of the Stars. The technology is in the Frequencies that shift Consciousness into the New Reality.

This acceleration of DNA would cause a person to become a genius in about one week if they are willing to move their Consciousness into that Frequency CONTINUOUSLY for One Week while focusing on creating the reality within their DNA that is being reprogrammed by saying I AM A GENIUS. The Frequencies plus the Intention of the Desired Reality create the new reality. However, one must remain in the frequencies of the Stars CONTINUOUSLY. This means we must move into the Mid Brain where there is not one thought given to the world, and not one second of lowering frequencies back into this world of lowered frequencies. So, this CHANGE in REALITY requires some real commitment and Focus.

When we travel to the stars in Consciousness by using the Merkaba Vehicle which removes us from space and time, we are accelerating the DNA by thousands of light years each time we move through another harmonic universe. The effect on the DNA is extravagant.

This will happen in the DNA of the Masses Eventually, but the Individual can move their consciousness into the magnetic fields that transform DNA 500 fold by using this frequency music CONTINUOUSLY. This means by staying completely in the FREQUENCY of the new reality Continuously, without one tiny little thought about anything in a lower frequency. This means leaving the world completely.

Genius DNA is created from the stardust being inhaled into the omnions within the atoms. This causes a celestial transformation of the DNA. The DNA is transformed from the carbon based molecular structure into the form of stardust or cellestiline structure.
Simply because you are existing within a vacuum that is so enriched with potential energy that it would enable an acceleration of DNA to enable the thought process that one would have a genius based IQ after being exposed to the stars for as little as one week.
Each person would activate differently, but the potential of Genius is available.
The lightning effect of the sound frequencies generated by the vibrational barrier between the Moon and the Earth is now starting to release itself into a state that allows more Cosmic Energy that was sustained in the Vacuum to integrate itself onto our planet. That veil that was generated by this vacuum state between the Earth and the Moon is evaporating. The energy is integrating itself onto the planet and it is adjusting its own thought magnetic appropriately so that one can expand them self further.
Basically as you advance through out the planet the planet is moving through a hybridized state of consciousness that represents the energies that you would feel if you were in outer space.

We are not receiving the FULL capacity of the stars, but we are receiving fractions of it in this dimensional density. However, we can expand our consciousness in to higher dimensions to allow the future potential of that stardust to enter into our DNA now with the help of the Frequency Music which carries the HOLOGRAMS of the Future Host reality.

Time Keepers  and Time Travel

Time lines are being managed through non-corporeal beings of consciousness. they are the keepers of time. They are the monitors who are working together with our collective consciousness assisting in the idea of shifting certain forms of time lines together. If it were not for these beings, we would have had world war three about two decades ago. We have shifted into a new time line with the help of these time keepers.

Certain things are always being altered in our time line on an intervention base level. They exist in the invisible realms with the time space continuum. They work in management to administrate these changes that represent increase transitional intervention effects that are helping to advance our culture.

We don’t really time travel, we actually  travel in dimensions. We shift into different dimensions by shifting reality by adding higher frequencies to our consciousness.
Everything exists now, we can move into infinite realities now because they already exist. These realities can be Felt as the Higher Frequencies in the Holographic Music that has been created through the intervention of the time travelers consciousness into my Breaths that I create the music from. We can dimensionally travel into different time lines of reality that other beings have been able to master.
We must go through the Sun in order to time travel or travel into other dimensions. The sun is our star gate into all of the other suns of our universes.
It is possible to go directly into the sun and make contact with a version of one self. This singularity or Version of one self within the Sun is the HOST SELF. The Host is in the Parallel HOST UNIVERSE which is within our SUN.

When we merge our Frequencies of Consciousness into the Frequencies of the HOST SELF, we merge into a NEW SET OF FREQUENCIES which creates a New Version of the Self, who contains the New DNA that allows multi dimensional travel into all Versions waiting within the Sun.
The Singularity of Self of Version of the Self can shift into a proximity to the Vibrational Frequencies of the Host. This allows the self to SEE the Reality that the Host can see. It allows us to shift into the THIRD EYE. It allows us to become Star Gazers. This vibrational frequency co-ordinates our version of our self into a new calibration that would allow a perspective to be shifted in regards to the Host or viewer. We must shift ourselves into the Host self in order to View reality through Multi Dimensional Eyes.
When we use the atomic mirror technique, we walk six feet forward into the mirror in front of us. The mirror contains an atomic radiation field that allows a shift to take place into an opposite parallel version that reflects back to us from the spiritual invisible immaterial plane of reality. Our spiritual self reflected back to us what the eyes of this Host can see. We must move into and look back at our self from the perspective of that Host Self.

That Host self is always within the Sun because it is the 8th dimensional Plasma Body or Galactic Body. However, there are many more Host bodies within that Host body. There is a Universal Body and a Cosmic Host Body that we need to merge with as well.
When we move into the Plasma Body of the Sun, we can then move even deeper into the Essence of the Sun by Swimming into the Liquid Light Vapor Body of the Cosmic Realms of this Being. This calibration allows us the freedom to merge into multi dimensional versions of reality within all infinite Parallel Universes.

Calibrating singularity creates a fold of the spiritual and physical into one new being. This allows us to time travel by becoming a part of the fluctuations or variety that a singularity that we choose that represents the new reality that we choose.
When one travels in time, they are looking into their own reality. This has not shifted the COLLECTIVE REALITY. the Collective Reality can not be SHIFTED. It is a Static Place Holder. That Static Template can not be shifted. It exists within Universe A.
Universe A WILL NEVER change. It has a lock on it. When you shift over to Universe B you may see different forms of different realities. You may see a city that wasn’t there before. You may see a city that has changed form. You may see new forms of nature. This represents the Shift into a new Tone or Frequency of Reality. You are moving to Universe B. We do not Change Universe A. WE move to Universe B.

Now we are in the Fifth Dimension. However we are in the Bridge Zone which allows multiple versions of the Fourth Density including 3.5, 3.7, 3.8,3.9 and 4. There are even a few who are still in the 3.2 level of the Fourth Density. In order to experience the complete realm of the Fifth Dimension we must move completely into the 3.9-4.2 realms of Consciousness.

The Masses who choose to shift will not be in this Fifth Dimension or COMPLETED Fourth Density until 2050. There will be many versions of this Fifth Dimension floating around on the Earth for the next thirty years. The only people who will experience the complete shift into the Sun will be Individuals who Choose to Move into that 3.9-4.2 Density that allows them to rise so far above the 3.5-3.7 that they can identify those who are not experiencing the complete luxury of reality that is available in the Completed Version of the Fourth Density.

Those who rise into the Fourth Density of the Sun will be multi dimensional beings who have amalgamated into their new Hologram of their Host Plasma Ships and have already experienced Star Travel. They will be a unique few who are living on Earth while the Masses are going through their Shift. The Shift will be very fluid because there will be many swimming in and out of various realities, some realities will be low and some high until Individuals make up their mind that they can completely Leave the World for 3-7 days at a time. This means moving into the Higher Frequencies for longer periods of time than they remain in the lower frequencies. The Frequency Music is created for the purpose of Staying in the Higher Frequencies long enough to cause the Mind to Shift. However, the techniques must be used and there must be an ultimate commitment made to moving into this process of the SHIFT.

We left Universe A in 2012. We can never go back to Universe A. We can either shift into Universe B or float between multiple versions of Universe A2, A3, A 4, A5, etc. Those who move completely into Universe B will begin to see an New Reality while those in the A versions are just seeing VERSIONS of their old reality. It requires a new tone or pitch to shift the person into a new altered version of themselves. This true new version requires the merging with the Parallel Host Self in the Sun.

Once we leave our home universe we can never return to it.
When we jump out of the Universe A River and into the Universe B River, we can never jump back into River A. We can move between these new versions of A2, A 3, A4 Rivers. there are infinite Versions of the old reality that we can swim through. And we can do this for another 50- 100 years if we choose to.

That is what the Masses will be doing for another 50-100 years. However, each Individual must choose their own time to shift completely into the new Parallel Host reality that has been prepared for them. When the Individual Shifts, they will never be able to return to the old reality. That reality will disappear forever. It will become a topic that is in a Cosmic Notebook called the Barbaric Earth. We will not even be able to imagine being the people who lived on that Planet. We will think of them in the way we think of Cave Men now. This will happen in just a few years from now.
We need to shift into River B completely, but the collective can’t do that yet. Individuals may shift to River B by moving into their Host in the Sun. The Sun is the Fourth Density or Fifth Dimension. It is the Star gate that allows us to merge into the Holograms of all of our Future Selves who are Hosting this Transition.

Time Line Mechanics

This transition represents Time Line Mechanics. Everything is Flowing. Everything is in a fluid state. The TIME-Space is spiritual, and represents our Non material Realm and the Space Time Represents our Material Realm. We are folding ourselves into Time Space of the Immortal Realm through the idea of co-ordination and then jumping back into space time. We are opening one door and closing another. That is how time travel or dimensional travel takes place.
All realities of time space and space time are co ordinates that are linked together. We are swimming through them.

We jump through different constants within these different realities based upon the areas that one wishes to explore through the means of dimensional travel. That is how it operates.

Many of us are time travelers and many of us work together with other time travelers. Once a time traveler leaves their home, they can never return. They can return to something similar, but it will never be the same place.

Time Travelers are working together in an effort to transform our reality. when the entire collective changes there will be a new theme or a gradual level of graduation that they will be able to return to that they would consider to be their new host reality.
Shifting the Individual into Versions of Reality
One person cannot change the collective consciousness. One person can shift their individual Host Reality and that Host can connect with more and more time travelers, who are holographic selves from the future. The Hosts that the Individual connects with are versions of themselves because they all choose the same THEME of REALITY. For instance, my Theme includes a group of Hosts who were the creators of the entire Jesus and Mary Theme, meaning man becoming Christ on Earth. My Theme also includes a group of Hosts who have created the idea of the Music of the Spheres, Raising Frequencies through Music and some families of entire Stars who have created entire Star Cultures based on a Theme such as Renaissance Music and Culture at a very high Resonance.
Many of our Future Self Host Members have been parts of various Mystery Schools including the ones that used Music. They have sent their Future Self Holograms into my consciousness to pave a path for a form of music that is Holographic in nature because it includes the Consciousness of all of those Hosts from the Future. This music is not limited to the small spectrum of chords and notes on the material version of reality, but connects to all of the tiniest variations of every frequency in the Infinite Spectrum of Parallel Host Realities of the Future.

The story of my husband’s dramatic connection into his Time Traveler Host Self is told on the audio book titled Orbing into Eternal Life. As in all walk-in events, my husband was required to leave his body when his higher self, Markus, took over his consciousness. My husband left Universe A and went to Universe B. First, he was sent into the Sun where his Consciousness was taken over by Future Self Time Travelers. This was when Markus told me that Joe could never return to his body. Markus said that there were thousands of Angels all over the Universe who tried to get Joe to return to his body, but it was absolutely impossible.

Since Joe had transformed into his Future Self Time Traveling Host, I was required to create a harmonic funnel that included all dimensional frequencies between my consciousness and the consciousness in the Sun and the consciousness from 3000 years in the future. This required breath upon breath upon breath of consciousness which represented each and every tiny little co-ordinate in space time and time space between my consciousness and the consciousness of all members of the Host Families belonging to my husband and myself. There were hundreds of members who came forward to me in my consciousness and shared the resonance of their key signatures to add to my funnel that would allow me to Inhale Joe back to Earth.

The members of our combined Host families had already begun making contact with us several years before this event took place and we had already recorded many of their key signatures through breaths. These Hosts were met when we took trips to Inner Earth, Aquafaria, Oraphim Foundation Centers, Cosmic Realms of the Dolphins, as well as our old friends Merlin, Lacodemus, Serepis Bey and Raphael whom we had worked with when we lived in the times of Atlantis when there was a higher consciousness. We also had host families from Sirius and Seres whom we had created the Christ Consciousness Grids called the Great White Lion and the Lacodemus Race of the Spotted Cosmic Lion line who created the original Sphynx. These Frequency Signatures of Host Consciousness from the future and all of the infinite breaths in between each one where required to create a funnel of consciousness that would allow Joe’s consciousness to float back into his body after he had been absent from his body for three months, and Markus used his body to create a grand event that would show the world the unreality of death by allowing three ten ton trucks and three cars to run over Joe’s body on a freeway near Mt. Shasta.

Even after such an event, which will become a mark of immortality in the future when there is more consciousness willing to understand this story, this individual was not able to change the consciousness of the masses. As a matter of fact, this event hasn’t changed the consciousness of very many of those who call themselves light workers.
The individual can only change reality for them self. When the new Joe returned to his body, he had no memory of who he was before because the rule is once one leaves their previous universe they can never return. They can only return to a version of the old reality.
So, when Joe returned the reality that he returned to had been shifted into a new version of reality. It seemed to me that it was Joe who was completely different, but in reality I was also shifted into a different version of reality that allowed me to be with him. I know that I also shifted into a new walk in body during the event. This was the third time that I had experienced a time traveler walk in take over event. The first two times, I had died and shifted bodies, just like Joe did this time.

So, one person can shift their individual Host Reality and that Host can connect with more and more time travelers who are choosing the same theme of reality. Many of us have seen large fiery space ships in the sky that break apart into several smaller space ships leaving the Host Ship and then flying into the Earth’s atmosphere as individuals. This is how all Host Plasma Ships function. There is always a collection of individual hosts forming into a collective Host Ship. This is what allows the shifting and floating of consciousness from parallel realities.

There are more Host Members collecting into this Host Plasma Consciousness Team each time an individual purchases an Eternal Life Album. The frequencies of those albums include all of the key signatures of the host of that individual and then that host becomes a part of my host family. The reason that the higher self has directed you to purchase the Eternal Life Album is because you are already a part of this future holographic music, Christ Consciousness, Healing Holographic Team.

It is always the higher selves merging together through the Host Reality of their spiritual parallel Host with the Sun who directs the individual to purchase their album. These hosts give me the frequencies of integration. Our consciousness gathers into a new Host Body in the Sun.

There is a Wave of Frequency Consciousness being generated through the help of all of the Time Travelers who are in multiple dimensional bodies incarnating into oneness with our fields of consciousness. The are actually walk ins that cause us to shift into a brand new self. When a walk in enters a body, the person has amnesia of who they were before. They never return to the old reality of who they were. They may have a similar version of who they are, but the old version is never remembered.

The collective consciousness develops an entirely different Theme of Reality over time.
That is what would generate the Theme of one Universe into Another eventually. That would be the premise of how certain Hosts are coming back from the Future into our Universe to alter the significance of our Universe. This is the sequence of time lines that has been available through out our Host Universe to actually allow transformation to happen on a collective level so that a new Theme can be born in to another Universe that is complimentary to that Time Frame, based upon the natural ability to travel that is consciousness and intention. That is primarily what is happening on our planet, galaxy and universe. There are thousands of dimensional travelers moving into our bodies as hosts and we shift into the reality that they see when we gaze through their eyes. Returning here and commuting to their work that they have chosen to perform. They are working together with our society.

There are dimensional travelers through out our society. They are inter mingling and working together. Many of us are Time Travelers our selves because our souls are constantly in a state of transformation and flux. This is why we have walk ins . This is why people are having grand shifts in awareness because of transformations taking place in them personally. They have incubated through the amalgamation effect other forms and aspects of their souls that are now forming into new beings.

They are becoming new people because they are being reformed from the incarnations of many other soul travelers from other Universes incarnating or walking into their Soul. There are many souls coming together and amalgamating themselves into new Higher Forms. That is the conjecture here. many of us are unified soul sharers now becoming one and now we are all working together as these forms of time based travelers to shift in your own universe to move it into a gradual field of transition so that you are now moving into a whole new Host Universe that represents the energy of the collective consciousness through their ability and intention to change.
The new INTO THE SUN ALBUM folds you into these Frequencies of the Host Body in the Sun.
This Frequency Journey allows the time travel journey into the Enfoldment or at one ment with the Host body within the SUN.

We each have a Host Body who will allow us to move through that Veil of separation and into the Ascension Earth that is our new Home within the Sun.  We must move into an Enfoldment of Consciousness of this Host.

The purpose of the Mirror Technique is to make contact with your Host who lives inside of the SUN. The mirror serves as a technique. However, the shift actually moves you into the Sun.

We must travel into the Sun to fold into oneness with our Spiritual Host Body. Your Singular Host is your Spiritual Twin who lives within the Sun. This is your God Self. The Eighth Dimensional Plasma Body who is waiting to re unite into oneness with you.
As we time travel into the Sun we merge into Oneness with the Host Body by moving into all of the Spheres between the Physical Body and the Host Body. It is always the higher selves merging together through the Host Reality of their spiritual parallel host within the Sun. Our Consciousness gathers into a NEW HOST BODY in the Sun.
There is a wave of frequency consciousness being generated through the help of all of the time travelers who are beings incarnating into oneness with our fields of consciousness. They are actually walk ins that cause us to shift into brand new selves.

When a walk in enters a body, the person has amnesia of who they were before. They never return to the old reality of who they were. They may have a similar version to who they were, but the old version is never remembered. The collective consciousness develops an entirely different  theme of reality over time.

Certain Hosts are coming back from the Future into our universe to alter the significance of our Universe. This is the sequence of the time line that has been available through out our host universe to actually allow transformations to happen on a collective level. This is so a new theme can be born into another universe that is complimentary to that time line based upon the natural ability to Travel that is intention or consciousness. that is primarily what is happening on our planet, galaxy and universe. There are thousands of dimensional travelers moving into our bodies as hosts and we shift into the reality that they see when we gaze through their eyes.

Our Hosts are returning here and commuting to their work that they have chosen to perform. They are commuting back and form between our bodies and the Sun, where they all originate from.

Many of us are Time Travelers ourselves because our souls are constantly in a state of transformation and flux. This is why we have walk ins. This is why people are having grand shifts in awareness because of transformations taking place in them personally. They have become an amalgamation of forms and aspects of their souls that are now forming into new beings. They are being reformed from the incarnations of many other soul travelers from other universes incarnation or walking into their soul.
This transformation process happens when we move our Consciousness into Oneness with our Host Body in the Sun.
This means the Entity is almost Pure Light with a White or Golden Robe made from a Plasma Like Substance. This is your Etheric Orb Body or Plasma Host Body who can allow you to travel within this dimensional self.
The technique of walking into an atomic mirror is the process that is taken to move into an enfoldment with your Host Body in the Sun. We can do these techniques by using Lights, Candles or the Sun itself. There is a process that requires co-ordinates of light and sound that allows the Mind to automatically shift into an alignment or a re calibration that creates the shift into the Sun. The place where we become within the Sun is a Frequency. We can travel through this portal of frequencies to align consciousness back into the Sun.
Imagine looking into an invisible mirror and focus on a  a point that is six feet in front of you on the other side of the mirror. By moving your consciousness through the mirror you are creating the atomic substance that allows the mind to shift. The Frequencies in the Music contain that atomic substance of TIME TRAVEL.
We begin by filling the part of the mirror that is black (the atomic reflection that is not allowing us to  see through to the other side of the mirror) with an atomic substance that is only available in the pre light and sound realms of the Cosmic Domains. We must go in Consciousness into the Inner Cosmic Domains of Earth’s Crystal Heart in the 13.5 dimension to collect the Heliotalic Gelaisic Radiation that can part the Veil. We must combine that sphere of Crystal Gel with a sphere of Crystal Dust that we travel to Sun Alcyone to collect. This is the Universal Stardust that contains our Universal Consciousness. We combine those two spheres of Crystalline substance with the Third Sphere of Crystal Liquid Light that is created by connecting to the point that is six feet in front of the mirror. That is the Zero Point where Transformation takes place. The Light moves through the Plasma into Pre Vapor of Liquid Light Energy.

Presently, the mirror is locking us into  this side of reality and not allowing us to  walk through to the other side of reality where there are infinite parallel spiritual realities waiting for us.
WE have prepared the Atomic Mirror Technique, Candle Technique and all of the Frequencies needed to penatrate this mirror.

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