2000-2017 AD, The Angelic Human Re-Awakening

“Many people are beginning to awaken to their memories of incarnations in other space-time locations, and this is because human DNA is presently beginning to activate higher due to the Solar Light spectra changes of the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations cycle. People with the least amount of Anunnaki or reptilian distortion in the DNA will regain more memory faster. Anyone can benefit by the DNA reverse-mutation technologies being taught by the Emerald Order; remembering is the promise of human heritage- the potential of remembering belongs to us ALL”
“Due to corruption of the power-elite within human governments in the ancient world, Christianity was robbed of the truth that Jesheua-Jesus tried to reveal, and all of humanity has been subsequently robbed of the freedom, enlightement, unity, love and joy that Jesheua’s teachings were intended to inspire. Jesheua was not the only Speaker of the Emerald Covenant. Since humanity was first seeded on Earth, the GA, IAFW, Eieyani Master Council, Founders Races, MC Priests of Ur, and the Council of Azurline have made repeated attempts, at times temporarily successful, to return humanity’s rightful teachings of freedom and divine connection. Every time the Emerald Covenant teachings were provided by representatives of the Founders, the meaning and purpose eventually became distorted into control dogmas by corrupt human factions that operated under Fallen Angelic influence. Through the loss of the ancient teachings of Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek-Jesus, and the many Emerald Covenant Speakers who came before him, humanity was also denied the privilege and responsibility of the Angelic Human heritage, and through this denial, we have temporarily lost the memory of our Christiac Angelic Human potential. With loss of this memory we have also misplaced Reverent Respect for ourselves, each other, our planet and its Life-field, and God. Through forgetting our Angelic Human heritage, we have also misplaced the privilege that would come as a natural circumstance of our Christiac Legacy— eternal life, which is the natural product of 12-Strand DNA Template Christos Angelic Human evolution. Communion with Fellow Guardian Angelic Nations that is accomplished through open use of Earth’s star gates . Passage through Earth’s natural Star Gates into the “Higher Heavens” of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix, ascension from Density, to experience whenever we desire, reunion and conscious, perpetual co-creative At-ONE-ment with Source- God. These privileges and the responsibility toward personal, race, planetary, galactic and universal evolution that such privilege implies, represent our heritage as Christiac Angelic Humans. We will be enabled to claim the Divine Rights and Responsibilities of the Angelic Human heritage when we allow ourselves to embrace our Inner Christos potential, through which the Angelic Human spirit can awaken in embodiment.”
“The Melchizedek Cloister Priesthood of the Eieyani Priests of Ur has always been an egalitarian, nongender-biased priesthood that propagated the peaceful, Law of One “freedom-teachings’ of the Emerald Covenant, and the Sacred Spiritual-Science Ascension teachings of the Maharata– the Inner Christos, as endorsed by the Founders Races and Yanas.
During the first seeding of 12-Tribes 25 million years ago, the “Bipedal Dolphin People-Anunnaki” Fallen Angelic Legions of Sirius A, infiltrated through forced hybridization, a portion of the first Cloister Human race of Earth, the Christiac Angelic Human Ur-Antrian Cloister Race. The 11- Strand DNA Template digressive Anunnaki-Ur-Antrian hybrid became known as the Eurantia and later as the “Urantia” Fallen Angelic race line, through which D-11 Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions incarnated on Earth in an attempt to overtake the Christiac Angelic Human lineage. The 12-Tribes Christiac Angelic Human lineage was intended to serve as guardians of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates. The Fallen Annu-Elohim Legions wanted to claim Earth’s territories as their own, just as they had tried to do 550,750,000 years ago on Tara, Earth’s Density-2 counterpart planet (re: Voyagers Volume-2 ), with the infiltration and corruption of the Taran Oraphim “Templar Solar Initiates.” The evolution of the Oraphim- Turaneusiam Eieyani Angelic Human lineage has been riddled with war and strife since its creation 568 million years ago, as Fallen Angelic Legions have continually attempted to re-direct its evolutionary path into Fallen Angelic dominion. This warring was brought to Earth from Tara 250-25 million years ago and has continued ever since, requiring 3 seedings of the Christiac Angelic Human race lines. We are presently in Seeding-3 of the 12-Tribes Christiac Angelic Human evolutionary cycle.
Following creation of the digressive Urantia Cloister Race by Sirius A Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legions 25 million years ago, the Annu-Elohim of Density-4, dimension-11, have continued promotion of the false creed of the corrupted “Templar Solar Initiates” from Tara among evolving 12- Tribes Christiac Angelic Human nations on Earth. The Yanas, Eieyani Master Council, Founders Races, IAFW, GA, Azurites, Eieyani Priests of Ur and Guardian Angelic races of the Emerald Covenant have simultaneously continued to return the teachings of truth as endorsed by the Founders and Yanas.
The teachings of freedom that are the rightful heritage of the Christiac Angelic Human lineage of Earth are the Sacred Spiritual-Science teachings of the Maharata-Inner Christ and the historical record of creation in this Time Matrix as revealed through the evolution of the Emerald Covenant.
The false creed of the Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim, Anunnaki and digressive “Oraphim-human Templar Solar Initiates” of Tara, that was brought to Earth through the Urantia Fallen Angelic hybrid-human cloister race 25 million years ago, promotes the worship of external gods, angelics and false saviors. The false “Templar” creed discards the true teachings of the Inner Christ and human freedom, deceives humanity into powerlessness, fear and subservience, and distracts humanity from embracing its heritage as an Angelic Race, placing human destiny at the mercy of false-gods. Through promotion of this false, patriarchal, externalized Christ Fallen Angelic Templar-Anunnaki Creed humanity’s right to have a personal, loving and empowering relationship with Source-God and the Founders Races is denied. The false patriarchal creed of the Fallen Angelic Templar Solar Initiates and Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim Anunnaki is designed to continually enslave, digress and dis-empower the Angelic Human lineage.
The Templar Creed is promoted falsely under the name of a “Melchizedek” Creed. In contemporary times, the false Templar-Melchizedek Creed emerges through numerous guises under the names of various false “Father God” personifications that evolved after the fall of the Atlantian Islands in 9558 BC.
Beginning with the Sirian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki-Drakonian false “Anu” Father-God personification in the ancient Sumerian cities, followed by the false Father-God personification of the competing Sirius A “Bipedal Dolphin People-Anunnaki” and many other renditions of competing control dogmas, human religions have evolved as a snare for self-perpetuated enslavement. (re: Voyager Volume-2 Update Section .) Earth has become a self-regulated prison for the angelic human lineage; this is precisely what Fallen Angelic Legions have intended to create through distorting true spiritual-science teachings into dis-empowering control dogmas. In the contemporary New Age Movement, the Templar-Melchizedeks, directed by several Annu-Elohim and Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki factions that have controlled the Density-2 D-4 Solar Star Gate-4 since seizing it from Guardian protection in 25,500 BC, are again promoting the Templar- Melchizedek false creed directly among human populations. Presently there are many “Melchizedek” groups emerging within Earth’s global cultural arena, through the subtle contact of “channeling” and overtly through physical contact with selected humans.
Some contemporary Melchizedek Groups are legitimate expressions of the Founders Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani Priests of Ur lineage. True Cloister Melchizedek Priesthoods all emerge from the “Melchizedek Cloister Order of the Yunasai,” the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Yanas collective from the Eckatic Level of the Energy Matrix, beyond the 15-dimensional Time Matrix. True Guardian-Melchizedeks will always acknowledge the Order of the Yunasai as their Source, while Annu-Elohim Templar-Melchizedek Priesthoods will “pay homage” to Melchizedek Orders that go by other names. True Guardian-Melchizedek Priesthoods and their representatives do not teach a patriarchal creed, they teach gender and race equality and they do not promote the worship of an externalized god.
True Guardian Melchizedeks do not teach the “Christ Crucifixion” story, but rather reveal the truth as it is recorded in the Yanas’ and Founders’ Records. The Yanas and Founders historical records of dimension-15 and the Eckatic Energy Matrix reveal the “Christ story” of the Essene Eieyani Priest of Ur born in 12 BC—Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek—the Emerald Order Christed Angelic Human Yani Avatar with a fully activated 12-Strand DNA Template, who became known as “Jesus Christ.” (see: Voyagers Volume-2)
Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek AKA “Jesus Christ” incarnated on behalf of the Density-5 Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani Master Council, Founders Races, IAFW, GA, and the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team; he entered human incarnation through the D-6 Sirius B Maharaji Council of Azurline. Jesheua-Jesus incarnated on Earth to return the Yanas’ Melchizedek Cloister teachings of the Inner Christ, and to assist in redirecting the distorted Templar-Melchizedek creed that had flourished on Earth since the fall of Atlantis, in order to bring the peoples and religions of the world together under a common banner of Mutual Love, Respect and Angelic Human Freedom, in preparation for the scheduled 2012-2017 AD opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates and subsequently humanity’s opportunity to reenter the Founders Emerald Covenant.
Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek, AKA Jesus Christ, was not crucified and did not die. Jesheua or “Jesus” ascended through the Arc of the Covenant passage via Sirius B Star Gate-6 in 27 AD, following completion of translations of parts of the Founders’ Maharata– Inner Christ Spiritual- Science Texts and after fathering a new, revitalized Eieyani Christiac Angelic Human Grail Line on Earth. Jesheua’s lineage of 6 children, fathered between 18 AD-23 AD, are the forefathers of the Indigo Children Eieyani Grail Line that has been progressively incarnating on Earth for the last 100 years. The story of “Christ’s Crucifixion” was staged by the Annu-Elohim. In 325 AD the remnants of Jesheua’s Melchizedek Cloister Inner Christ teachings and the history of his family line were edited and distorted by the Council of Nicea and the Church of Rome in their assembly of the book that became the “Canonized Bible.” The Council of Nicea distorted the remaining Essene True Inner Christ Teachings into a Fear-based Control Dogma, intended to up-lift the political cause of the Roman Empire to world dominion.
“Jesus Christwas real, but many of the stories told about him are not. What he stood for, the Maharata-teachings of the Inner Christ and the Founders’ Emerald Covenant was, and still is, truth.”
“The irony of human evolution is that the Fallen Angelic Legions have served as the Promoters and Instigators of our spiritual and thus physical imprisonment, but we have been, and continue to be, the Executors and Administrators of own Living-Death Sentence. Inadvertently, we perpetuate our imprisonment in mortal limitation and recreate the symbolic crucifixion of the Living Inner Christ, as we have been tricked into placing our salvation in the hands of the very Fallen Angelic Legions that the Angelic Human lineage was created to restore and heal. It remains the Human Prerogative as to what interpretation of reality, and what definition of Self and God we will choose to acknowledge, honor and act upon.
As Jesheua Melchizedek—Jesus—tried to show us, the true Savior of our race has Always lived within each of us, as the sleeping Inner Christed Self that struggles to awaken. Jesheua-Jesus, and the many Emerald Covenant Speakers that came before him, have tried to bring this truth to us and demonstrate its power; so that we, as the Guardian Christiac Angelic Race that we are, might finally re-awaken to set ourselves, our Souls and our planet free from the illusion of mortal limitation and the manipulation of Fallen Angelic dominion.
2000 years ago humanity was faced with a choice of allowing the Inner Christos to lead us home, or to Crucify the Inner Christ that Jesheua-Jesus modeled for us through the worship of externalized God-personifications. We are faced with this same choice again between 2000-2017, and the Fallen Angelic Legions will do their best to provide us with all opportunity to make a misinformed decision.
On behalf of the Yanas from beyond the Time Matrix, the Density-5 MC Eieyani Masters Council, Founders Races, the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team, Eieyani Priests of Ur, IAFW, GA and Guardian Angelic Races of the Emerald Covenant, and in support of the causes of Angelic Human freedom and the continued healing and survival of Earth, GA Signet Council-6, the Council of Azurline, guardians of Sirius B Star Gate-6 and progenitors of the Indigo Children Eieyani-Christiac Angelic Human race line presently incarnate on Earth, are revealing this historical information pertaining to the “Christ Story” and Pre-ancient Angelic Human evolution because, the time has come.
Since the failure of the intended Star Gate Opening Cycle of 22,326 BC, all Angelic Nations have been quite aware that a Major Confrontation, over the evolutionary destiny of Earth humanity, would occur between Guardian and Fallen Angelic Legions upon the next due Star Gate Opening Cycle of 2000-2017 AD. Many times, such as during the “Christ Drama” of 12 BC-27 AD, Guardian Nations have tried to prepare humanity for peaceful navigation through this pending confrontation, and many times they have attempted to negotiate peaceful resolutions to this scheduled conflict with Fallen Angelic Legions, before the time of final conflict arrived. The Final Conflict, Star Gate-6, Maji Priests of Azurline and the “Christ Drama” The natural Star Gate Opening Cycle that was due to occur in 22,326 BC failed and Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates did not open, because the Pleiadian-Nibiruian-Anunnaki Council, which was once part of the GA Signet Council 5 Alcyone Council, broke their Emerald Covenant agreements in 25,500 BC.”
“Both Guardian Angelic Nations and Fallen Angelic Legions knew that this conflict was not resolved in 22,326 BC, and that the races would meet their final confrontation during Earth’s next Star Gate Opening Cycle, the earliest possible date for which was 2000-2017 AD.
It was known by the Angelic Nations Since 22,326 BC, that the ultimate confrontation and final conflict between Guardian Angelic Nations and Fallen Angelic Legions was most likely to occur during Earth’s 2000-2017 Star Gate Opening Cycle. This ancient and on-going speculation became historical fact with the official, irreversible initiation and consummation of Earth’s 2000-2017 Star Gate Opening Cycle on January 1st, 2000 (see: Voyagers Vol. 2).”
“The Guardians last major attempt of preparing humanity to serve as the agent of healing in the 2000-2017 Final Conflict, was during the “Christ Period.” (…)
Their purpose was to return the knowledge of the Emerald Covenant and pending Final Conflict, and to explain the peaceful solution of reclaiming the Angelic Human-Inner Christ heritage. Through the Founders Sacred-Science teachings of the Inner Christ, humanity could learn to re-activate the Angelic Human12-Strand Template, so humans would again become capable of utilizing advanced Planetary Templar Mechanics, which are run through the human DNA Template. If humanity can reawaken the dormant Angelic Human DNA Template, the human body can biologically interface with the electromagnetic functions of Earth’s Planetary Templar star gate system, as it was originally designed to do. In actualizing the Angelic Human potential, humans would not only set themselves free, but could also assist Guardian Angelic Nations in setting Earth free, by securing Earth’s Halls of Amenti and regaining the Sun’s D-4 Sol Star Gate-4 under Guardian Nation protection.
Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek—“Jesus” of the Bible, was the Magi Azurline Priest of Ur who had, like the other members of his GA Crisis Intervention Team, incarnated through the Sirius B Council of Azurline, to return the teachings of the Emerald Covenant and Melchizedek Cloister Spiritual- Science DNA Template activation training in preparation for the anticipated 2000-2017 Final Conflict.”
“The real “Jesus”- Jesheua, and the Ascension and Eternal Life that he stood for do indeed exist, and so do the Heavens and the “House of Many Mansions” that are manifested by our one Source-God. (…) the teachings of truth have been compromised wherever Guardian Angelic Nations tried to plant their seeds. All genuine spiritual teachings of Earth originally emerged from translations of the Emerald Covenant Founders Races Sacred Spiritual-Science teachings. Guardian Angelic Nations are now attempting to reveal this disturbing truth to humanity, NOT because they desire to cause fear, strife or heartache.
To understand the realities of the current drama the human mind must overcome many thousands of years of false Fallen Angelic Legion Propaganda, and humanity must reach within to find and awaken the wisdom, power, freedom and love of the Angelic Human Christed Soul. It is, at once, that easy…and that hard.
If Guardian Angelic Nations did not fully believe in the love, strength, courage, power, inherent wisdom and intrinsic purity that lives within the Angelic Human Spirit, they would not be attempting to awaken the Angelic Humans now.
As Angelic Humans, we have the power to serve as healing agents within this conflict, if we are wise and courageous enough to see what is going on, and to assist Guardian Angelic Nations in peaceful healing strategies. This is not a conflict that can be resolved by violence. It is a Victory that can be achieved, but only through Spirit, Wisdom and Love.
There is still time for humanity to reclaim its Angelic Human heritage, just in time to fulfill our original Divine Commission of serving as Guardians and Keepers of Earth’s Halls of Amenti star gates and the Planetary Templar Complex. The Founders Race teachings are being progressively provided for those who care enough to learn.
Excerpts from Voyagers, Vol. I, The Sleeping Abductees Vol. – Chapter 8: History, Motivation, Meaning and Message ~ The Maharaji, Angelic Humans, the Priests of Ur and Melchizedek Priesthoods ~
Text Rights Reserved to Easha Ashayana, AMCC-MCEO Speaker 1, Gratitude & Respect for Helping Bringing this Message Back to Us ~ ~ ~  ArhAyas.com
. MC – Melchizedek Cloister
. IAFW – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds
. GA – Guardian Alliance

Note: This information is prior to 2012. Ascension Planetary Status is now Changed and Up-dated. Formal Speaker 1 Easha Arhayas is now Translating Higher Version of Teachings from Krystal Plates via Krystal Cosminyahas Core Councils. The New Teachings and Up-dated Ascensional Process is being now done Via Alhumbhra Cathedral Stargate Passages into Internal Creation. Emerald Covenant has also been Up-graded to Alhumbhra Covenant. And We as a Collective are no longer Ascending to Tara (5th Dimensional Earth), but rather Inscending to Internal Planes of Creation. Another Voyagers 3 is expected to come out in order to explain this new Ascensional Hosting called Krystal River Mission Fail Safe HostKRFSH

For more related information on Freedom Teachings – Keylontic Science and the up-dated information about the 2000-2017/2913 extended Ascension Cycle, please visit  ArhAyas.com * * * 



One thought on “2000-2017 AD, The Angelic Human Re-Awakening

  1. *Message to Guardian Founders*

    I have prayed to no end regarding a current occupation of my body (possession) by what feels like Draco-Anunnaki Reptilians, without my consent. I feel that Lyrans, Sirians, and Pleiadians play a role in this. They (or perhaps you) came upon me 14 years ago promising to help me with my life, goals, plans, work, etc. However, it quickly descended into hell, and satanic torment for most of these 14 years. Turns out that all they were interested in doing was harnessing/harvesting my DNA/chakras and altering my timeline to PREVENT me from achieving my goals! They also seem to be cutting me off from my true inner Christos embodiment. Why are you allowing this to happen to me? WHY DON’T YOU INTERVENE? Why do you allow them to possess me indefinitely as if I am a prisoner in my own body? Are all of you a party to the Luciferian rebellion?

    Are these beings using my body/DNA to achieve their Luciferian agenda? As you know, the lay lines are the meridian axiatonal lines or grid system that conducts and transmits frequencies throughout our bodies and the planet. They are an exact mirror as they exist in our personal holographic template and are reflected from within the larger mirror of the planet’s own meridian and template system. They told me initially that they wanted to use me to shift billions of people to a higher dimension. But, I did not know that it involved them taking my body over almost completely. Is there anything that can be done to change these dynamics because I feel like I am just being used by Luciferian beings to achieve their agenda at my life’s expense? Guardian Founders, if you are real please help me!!


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