Bio-Spiritual Evolution

The term Bio-Spiritual Evolution refers to the true evolutionary process of all life forms. by which the multi-dimensional consciousness (Spirit) and the genetic code, body form or organic physical structure grow and evolve simultaneously.
In terms of human evolution Bio-Spiritual Evolution is the natural process by which the DNA expands to prepare the physical body, to hold progressively higher frequency bands and corresponding levels of conscious awareness.
The human DNA imprint has been functioning below its capacity for thousands of years, which has served to block the intended processes of higher identity embodiment through which the conscious awareness would naturally expand into multidimensionality.
The evolutionary expansion or digression of body and spirit are inseparable, taking place simultaneously and in direct correspondence to each other, through the natural process of Bio-Spiritual Evolution.
When both science and religion evolve to understand this truth there will no longer be division between these paradigms of belief.
(see: Silicate Matrix)
(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Page 8
Source: Biblioteca Pleyades_Keylontic Dictionary
Text Rights Reserved to E´asha Ashayana – MCEO Formal Planetary  Freedom Teachings Speaker 1 –



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