Rainbow Round-Tables

Rainbow Round-table (RRT)
The RRTs are groups of Angelic Humans assembled in the 4 Evolutionary Rounds who are commissioned to run the “Rainbow Ray” or “Khundaray” Primal Sound Current from beyond the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix, into Earth’s Planetary Shields during SACs (Natural Star Gate Opening Cycles).
Running the Rainbow Ray during SACs enables the planet to retain its natural electromagnetic balances to avert pole shift and restores the organic D-12 Planetary Christos Alignment.
Referred as the “Roundtable” in the Arthurian Legend. (King Arthurus and the Knights of the Roundtable)
Knowledge of the RRTs has been intentionally hidden form Angelic Human races of contemporary Earth, by Human Illuminati and Fallen Angelic races that desire to create pole shift during the long-anticipated 2000-2017 SAC. 
(Voyagers II – Page 310)
Source: Biblioteca Pleyades_Keylontic Dictionary
Text Rights Reserved to E´asha Ashayana – MCEO Formal Planetary  Freedom Teachings Speaker 1 – ArhAyas.com

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