Scalar Waves (Scalar Standing Wave)

A Scalar Wave is a multi-dimensional standing wave pattern that emanates out of a fixed point of sound -tonal vibration – within the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the Cosmic Unified Field of Energy.
Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light that are strung together in sequences, within the fabric of the cosmic morphogenetic field.
The appearance of the Scalar Wave movement is generated as sequences of scalar wave points are activated or “lighted” in synchronization with each other (an effect that can compare to progressively flashing a series of bulbs, strung out in a line, off and on, one at the time, flashing the first bulb off as the second lights, etc, whereby appears that the light has moved from one point in the line to another)
Scalar Waves represent fixed points of perpetual fission and fusion that emanate from the fabric of morphogenetic fields.
(Tangible Structure of the Soul – Manual Glossary – Page 33
Source: Biblioteca Pleyades_Keylontic Dictionary
Text Rights Reserved to E´asha Ashayana – MCEO Formal Planetary  Freedom Teachings Speaker 1 –

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