“The peaceful Law of One “freedom-teachings’ of the Emerald Covenant, and the Sacred Spiritual- Science Ascension teachings of the Maharata– the Inner Kristos, as endorsed by the Founders Races and Yanas :
“The name Maharaji means “Mahara embodied”; the word Mahara is derived from the word Maharata. The word Maharata refers to the Eternal Life Current, that is made up of the combined frequencies of Pre-matter dimensions 10, 11 and 12, which compose the Density-4 Pre-matter Fields of Hydroplasmic Liquid Light, most often called the “Christos Field.” The Density-4 Maharata Eternal Life Current is the smallest of 3 Primal Life-Force Currents that perpetually feed energy and consciousness into our Time Matrix; the Maharata is often referred to as the “Kristiac Current.” The frequencies of the Maharata and those of the Primal Light and Sound Fields beyond it represent the “3 Eternal Life, or Primal Life-Force, Currents .” When the frequencies of Density-4 and above are embodied, a biological being can undergo full cellular transmutation, returning to the Density-4 Liquid Light Pre-matter state for full Ascension out of Density, rather than experiencing repeated cycles of death and rebirth within the Density system life cycles. The ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within a physically manifest form is conditional upon having a minimum of 12-Strand DNA potential, a “Holy Grail Line” or “Kristiac” genetic code. Unlike the Fallen Angelic races, the Azurite, Angelic Human and Maharajhi Eieyani race lines carry the 12 to 48 Strand DNA Template potential characteristic to the Founders Races, and are thus considered “Kristiac Grail Line” races.
A being with sustained activation of 12 DNA Strands and resulting embodiment of the Maharata and its corresponding12-dimensions of conscious awareness is known as an embodied “Mahara”(bearer of the Maharata eternal life current), “Avatar” or “Kristed Being.”
The primary earthly human lineage is an Angelic Human Kristiac Grail Line that carries the dormant 12-Strand DNA Template potential (…)
(…) portions of the earth-human populations carry 9, 10 and 11-Strand DNA Template mutations resulting from ancient race hybridization with Anunnaki and Drakonian Fallen Angelic Legions.
All humans can reverse-mutate dna template distortions and bring dormant DNA template potentials into activation through self-generated DNA bio-regenesis technologies, through which the 12-strand DNA angelic human potential can be progressively restored and reactivated within the operational DNA.
This is precisely what visiting Fallen Angelic Legions do not want contemporary humanity to accomplish.
The Annu-Elohim, Anunnaki and Drakonian-Seraphim Fallen AngelicRaces possess a digressive maximum of 11 and 10 Strand DNA Template potential respectively. As the Fallen Angelic Legions cannot embody the 12th-dimensional frequencies of the Maharata “Kristiac Current” due to absence of the 12th DNA Strand Template; they carry what is considered to be the “Anti-Christiac” or “Anti-Christ” genetic code. The “Anti-Christ genetic code” can be restored to its original “Kristiac” capacity through DNA Bio-Regenesis, IF the Fallen Angelic Races choose to do so. Fallen Angelic race founders from Density-4, dimensions 10 and 11, intentionally choose to retain their “Anti-christiac” genetic code and that of their manifest races.
The Teachings of Freedom that are the rightful heritage of the Kristiac Angelic Human lineage of Earth are the Sacred Spiritual-Science teachings of the Maharata-Inner Krist and the historical record of creation in this Time Matrix as revealed through the evolution of the Emerald Covenant.
The Yanas, MC Eieyani Master Council, Founders Races, IAFW , GA and races of the Emerald Covenant are pointing out the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Legion’s intentional deceptive misrepresentation of information to humanity, so humans are better equipped to make intelligent choices regarding what to believe in terms of human history, heritage and potential. Founders Races are presenting detailed explanation of the truth of the Angelic Human lineage, so humanity has the opportunity to form educated opinions regarding contemporary contact, through which educated action can be applied when in confrontation with the ongoing trickery of Fallen Angelic Legions.”
Excerpts from Voyagers , Vol. I, The Sleeping Abductees – Chapter 8: History, Motivation, Meaning and Message ~ All Rights Reserved to Easha Ashayana, AMCC-MCEO Speaker 1, Gratitude & Respect for Helping Bringing this Message Back to Us ~ ~ ~
. MC – Melchizedek Cloister
. IAFW – Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds
. GA – Guardian Alliance

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