Plasma Body Activation

We are 15dimensional beings existing in a 15dimensional time matrix. And this Matrix and this Planet have been completely distorted from its original state, but is now starting its Healing and Ascensionary Process. I recommend to start working via pineal induction with Organic Geometries that will start clearing much of the personal template distortions and inorganic seals. To clear it: just breath a pale aqua blue liquid light sparkle into the center of the brain (via pineal induction) – breath it in and around your bio-energetic field to clear your field and as well then to create a 12dimensional pilar for full dimensional protection that runs from 12th Chakra Position till up your head and around your body and connects you to Earths Core (13th Chakra) and to Eternal God Source Pure Infinity. Breath It in to Pineal – exhale down to Earths Core – Build Charge with Mother Earth 13th Dimensional Pale Aqua Blue Liquid Light Frequency – then Bring It Up to 12th Chakra and Expand your 12D Horizontal Disc Shaped Shield – Breath in and out to Expand Up from your Shield your Pilar of Protection around you and above your Head and Always Sensing and Seeing the Vertical Connection with Earth´s Krysthl Heart Center and your God Source Infinity Essence.
But first of all, if you can start out with this Plasmic Journeys to activate up-dated full protection from any level of distortions – – would suggest 2 first early ones, August and January.
Use Krystal River Prayer ღ for continued Plasma Amplification 
“It is recommended that this techniques are completed in chronological order before completing any other journeys or workshops from Keylontic Science – Freedom Teachings ” * * *
In ~ Joy ~ da ~ Plasma ~ Flow ~

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