Plasma Body Activation

We are 15dimensional beings existing in a 15dimensional time matrix. And this Matrix and this Planet have been completely distorted from its original state, but is now starting its Healing and Ascensionary Process. I recommend to start working via pineal induction with Organic Geometries that will start clearing much of the personal template distortions and inorganic seals. To clear it: just breath a pale aqua blue liquid light sparkle into the center of the brain (via pineal induction) – breath it in and around your bio-energetic field to clear your field and as well then to create a 12dimensional pilar for full dimensional protection that runs from 12th Chakra Position till up your head and around your body and connects you to Earths Core (13th Chakra) and to Eternal God Source Pure Infinity. Breath It in to Pineal – exhale down to Earths Core – Build Charge with Mother Earth 13th Dimensional Pale Aqua Blue Liquid Light Frequency – then Bring It Up to 12th Chakra and Expand your 12D Horizontal Disc Shaped Shield – Breath in and out to Expand Up from your Shield your Pilar of Protection around you and above your Head and Always Sensing and Seeing the Vertical Connection with Earth´s Krysthl Heart Center and your God Source Infinity Essence.
But first of all, if you can start out with this Plasmic Journeys to activate up-dated full protection from any level of distortions – – would suggest 2 first early ones, August and January.
Use Krystal River Prayer ღ for continued Plasma Amplification 
“It is recommended that this techniques are completed in chronological order before completing any other journeys or workshops from Keylontic Science – Freedom Teachings ” * * *
In ~ Joy ~ da ~ Plasma ~ Flow ~

One thought on “Plasma Body Activation

  1. what i like to understand is this, in the late years when the prana seed of the sun was closing, as i understood, we were cut of from the higher energies as well as the phantom matrix. how do we connect to our higher selves now? in one of the workshops DVDs i understood that we got helped by the aurora matrix (veca system) but how is this all connected to our higherself (melchizedek host)?
    is the connection with the 12d still the same or do we need adjustments?

    in one of the workshops DVDs i came to realize that the vagus nerve is a bad nerve that eats our system from the inside. but the most important and powerful technique in yoga known as khechari mudra is the technique that triggers this nerve like no other. Does it mean that only visualization techniques are safe to approach. all the method all around the world grow around this method only to be revealed in the highest stage right before the body begins to transmute itself when the kundalini is fully activated (which is a very rare case). it directly activate the pituitary gland situiated in the spenoid bone. The one technique that will immediately activate the pineal gland and kundalini from the physical plane no special treatment needed. there is a very powerfull breathing technique known by many names but it activates the inner fire in the solar plexus, and hara (tan-tien) regions. this is the first stage to activate khechari mudra from there the kundalini takes over untill only the tongue is needed to proceed with the process of activation. this is a and was always the method of the masters or gurus as they call themeselfs which i also believe. both these methods are very secretive up untill this very day. it ican be recognize though, as breadcrumbs not the full meal. This is why it is sad to hear about this but have nothing else to compare it with. i must say that im stuck. This method was my only tool i used to go inside but now im facing a wall. alsmost everywhere i go i endup the same.

    i only trusted ashayana deans early work now i barely hear from her and it is difficult to trust anything else, unless it can match her great and acurate detailes of information which is very rare. Do you know what is best for me to do i understood the importence of the maharic seal but am not sure how to proceed after the drama of the sun blocking us from our higher sources from there it is unclear. im still strugling to come out of the water after taking wrong turns in the past with healers that i trusted to be the right ones and lost my sensitivity while i was struggling with the development of my intuition (still am). what is the best thing to do form me.

    please can i have your name? so i can follow you more easily.

    thank you for your time and guidance



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