Kryst and Consciousness

Within the MCEO teachings of present-day CDT-Plate translations, the words “Kryst,” “Krist” and their derivatives are often used. In the current context these words are the shorthand reference to teachingsideas and motivations corresponding to the pre-ancient word “KRYSTHL-A,” the “7 Sacred Sounds” (“1st Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe * KA RA YA SA TA HA LA *) from which this word is derived, and the collective body of “Common Source” multidimensional spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings contained within the original, pre-ancient CDT-Plate/Maharata Text translations. In the earliest of the present-day CDT-Plate translations, the word “Christ” was used to denote the correspondencebetween the pre-ancient “Kryst” teachings and some of the teachings contained within the modern “Christian religions.” As the present-day translations progressed, this spelling “evolved” back into the original “Krist/ Kryst” shorthand spelling of pre-ancient times — the source of the later word “Christ.” The CDT-Plate teachings contain correspondences to some of the teachings in most primary world religions of today, and so their affiliation extends far beyond the boundaries of Christian doctrine alone. (CDT-Plate historical records pertaining to the “Christ drama,” and more information on the “Common Source of world religions,” are found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)”
“In explaining the Cosmos, we always start with the Holographic Template. The Holographic Template is literally the secret blueprint that you do not see, behind which and under which matter is accreted, or matter is manufactured. The Holographic Template refers to “hologram.” The Holographic Template starts with what we call units of the Consciousness of God-Source. This is Primal Substance-the substance out of which something is made. “What is this stuff?” Well, it is obviously energy, but “what is energy?”
The Freedom Teachings demonstrate that Consciousness IS Energy and Energy IS Conscious.” Consciousness is a substance. It is a substance that takes on the form of waveforms. They can be standing waves or moving waves, however the templates upon which density (or matter manifestation) occurs are standing waveforms. A standing wave is called a Scalar Standing Wave. It holds a fixed point in a grid with many others, and there are very specific mathematical relationships and geometrical relationships between the positioning of these standing columns of wave forms. Standing waves oscillate and vibrate. Oscillation is when the Particum and PartikA actually flash on into manifestation so you would see them. Vibration is when they flash off and go back into the Creation Point.
Imagine a sphere covered with light bulbs. They are not moving, though they flash on and off at different rhythms. When they flash on and off at different rhythms, it can appear as if they are moving. If you watch the lights around a marquee, you can see how they can make it look like the lights are actually running around, but they are not. The lights are just flashing off and on. The templates upon which matter is built are very much like this. They are not light bulbs; they are literally consciousness in the form of energy that interacts in very specific ways at very specific angles with other units of like kind and some of opposite kind.
There is a whole structure to the way reality is built. It is not haphazard. A big bang did not just happen and all of a sudden things started to organize themselves. There are big bangs, and the big bangs are the result of certain mechanics that have to do with the templates beneath them. 
Kryst_codeThere is order and intelligence to the way the universe is structured. That order has for ages been referred to as the Krist-not Christ, C-h-r-i-s-t, but Krist, K-r-i-s-t because there are two main mathematical programs that are core template programs that everything in creation and objectified manifestation began upon. They are called the Krist and the Krystallah. They go together, Krist and Krystallah and between the two of them they represent 24 points of vibration and oscillation. Standing scalar-waves form upon this structure. These standing scalar-waves form intimate interwoven patterns that create the structure of dimensional fiber of electromagnetic energy by which things can come into manifestation as individuated forms of consciousness. 
The energy that makes up both the standing scalar-waves that make up the templates upon which matter manifests, and matter within which consciousness can embody, is all conscious. That means they are beings, not just things. There is awareness, though it is awareness that is different than what we wouldpossess in a human form here. You would have a different relationship to things like thought or emotion. It would be much more in a category of direct cognition and infinite knowing at all times. The standing scalarwaves of consciousness that the universe is made out of also includes your body and your consciousness. You are a part of this consciousness. This is what we mean by units of the Consciousness of God.
You cannot be separate from God-Source. God-Source was, is and always will be the One Original Consciousness within which everything manifests. God-Source desired to manifest and set in motion a structure of perpetual motion. First Creation continually occurs. It never ends. It was set in motion through the Krist and Krystallah, which allow for the perpetual motion-continually regenerating the cycling of consciousness into and out of manifestation in perfect balance and in perfect synchronization, which allows creation to have beginnings and endings within cycles. In actuality, it all occurs at once within the body of the Consciousness of God-Source.”
Excerpt from “The Elements of Discovery” manual, part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved
Image Rights Reserved to  Ascension Sciences from Godmind

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