“Another important aspect of the Cosmic Clock is Merkaba. A counter-rotating Merkaba Spiral Set has a top CW (clock-wise) Electrical Spiral with a base speed of 33 1/3 rotations per trillionths of a nanosecond, which circulates anti-particle frequency from the anti-particle universe into our PCM (particum) system. It is an incoming frequency, spiralling energy into manifestation. The Merkaba bottom spiral is magnetic, has a base speed of 11 2/3 rotations per trillionths of a nanosecond, and spirals energy up and out of manifestation. Because the two spirals counter-rotate, they create a circulation of energy, or a breathing rhythm for the renewal of life. Merkabas that do not counter-rotate and are phase-locked together, can only spin in the same direction and do not breathe; they circulate dead light only, which disconnects the system from their Kristiac Cosmic Clock. There is more than one kind of light. Light built on the mathematics of the Krist Code is Living Light, called ShaLAeah Light. When the anatomy of Source is changed, such as the creation of a phase locked Merkaba, dead light is created called ShOna Light. The kind of light created is determined by whether a system has Backflow and Backflow Return, or not.”


Excerpt from “The Elements of Discovery” manual, part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved


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