Anuhazi Race

One of the first 3 Breneau Collectives of Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 created the first 3 manifest “Founder Races” (Also called Elohei-Elohim)
Voyagers II – page 272
The Elohei-Elohim Feline-Hominid Kristos Founders Races (Also called the Anuhazi or Lyran-Sirian Whites) and the Feline-Aquatic Ape called Anyu.
Created by The Emerald Order Breneau on a now destroyed Density-4 planet called Lyra-Aramatena, which housed Star Gate –12 of the Universal Templar Complex.
(See also: Anuhazi Language
From Keylontic Dictionary via Biblioteca Pleyades
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved


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