Can We Balance Spiritual Love and Human Love?

“The art of balancing spiritual love and human love:
Spiritual love is the awareness that we are all ONE and that the nature of Source is love. Therefore we can love anyone and everyone as they are a reflection of us and the ONE/Source/God. This is a love characterized by detachment (stories, drama) and the absence of lower emotions. This is where we can surrender and love what IS and see the perfection in everything including the so called atrocities of humanity. Spiritual love comes from our connection with Source through the embodiment of our Higher Self.
Human love (for intimate relationships) on the other hand is characterized by the attraction of polar opposites, a magnetism. It is based on separation with the underlying desire to become ONE through the act of love. This energy dynamic is what spawns feelings of passion, sensuality and the desire for connection. This love is largely based on emotions and attachment. We can experience anger and strong reactions of defense and protection if someone threatens the safety of our beloved, loving what is can sometimes become a challenge.
When we are in a relationship we must balance how we experience and express these two types of love. If we are always in a state of spiritual love we would fail to emotionally connect with our partners and enjoy a healthy attachment. We would appear to distant, too holy and inhuman, often avoiding feelings of pain and sadness. On the other hand if we are full-on in a state of human love then we can get too emotional and over experience pain, drama, suffering and attachment. People who are constantly having strong emotional and mental re-actions have not cultivated enough the skill of detachment that comes with spiritual love and self-mastery.
Balance these aspects of yourself and you will enjoy a very fulfilling, rich and empowering relationship. And if you are constantly struggling when it comes to relationships then it might be very wise to cut all cords of attachments between you and other people. Click here to watch the free online session to Cut All Cords of Attachment permanently. “
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