The CDT-Plates and Freedom Teachings Origins

“The MCEO teachings did not originate on Earth; these teachings represent a record of advanced spiritual-science knowledge and extensive history that has been translated into many forms, in many different periods and locations, within and beyond our 15-Dimensional Universe. The record of knowledge and history that the MCEO teachings stand for represents a gift of insight, hindsight and foresight, first provided over 950 billion years ago, by the Elder Races of our Universe and beyond, who have evolved to embody the realities of Eternal Life Ascension” that are revealed in the MCEO teachings. The MCEO teachings were brought to Earth in several different periods of pre-ancient history — beginning with their first dispensations 25 million years ago, which were subsequently destroyed.
In more recent pre-ancient history, the MCEO teachings were again brought to Earth by a collective of interdimensional races referred to as the Guardian AllianceMelchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (GA-MCEO), under the supervision of their Elder Councils, the Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts; the MCEO teachings were returned to Earth as a gift to an evolving humanity. Detailed profiles of the GA-MCEO collective are found in the Voyagers books (by Ashayana Deane, Granite Publishing 1999–2001); profiles of the Adashi Adepts are found within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts have served for many eons as Guardians of our 15-Dimensional Universe and beyond. The more recent pre-ancient historical MCEO teachings of Earth emerged from the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Recorder Disc Libraries that were given to the ancient Urtite human races of Earth by the MCEO Guardians’ Azurite race, in the 246,000 BC Atlantean period, as part of theEmerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaty. After receiving the CDT-Plates, the Urtites made the original written translations, creating the 590-volume Maharata Texts. Partial Maharata Text/ CDT-Plate translations were later made in numerous periods and Earth cultures, the last partial translation starting in 10 BC during the “Christ Period” (12 BC – 27 AD). (History of the CDT-Plates is detailed at the start of Voyagers Volume-1, 2nd Edition; detailed history of the Guardians’ involvement with human evolution is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)”
Since the first CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations were made in 246,000 BC, many events of both climatic change and human warring have occurred on Earth; due to the recurrence of such events, in 208,216 BC the Maharata Text books and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates were retrieved by the Azurites and secured under MCEO guardianship. One of the two missing CDT-Plates was retrieved and returned to MCEO protection in the 1600s AD, and the other, final CDT-Plate was retrieved in November of 1999 AD. In pre-ancient times, after securing the Maharata Texts and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates, the GA-MCEO and Krystal River Adashi Adepts created a set of protocols by which the MCEO CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings would be returned to Earth through remote-translation during certain periods of significance, while the retrieved CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts remained in security storage until a future date when they could be safely returned.
The protocols by which the Guardians have historically orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts during various periods of human history involves their appointment, in a particular period, of a group of 3 MCEO Speakers from among Earth human populations — each group of 3 MCEO Speakers works closely together with the GA-MCEO Guardians to bring remote-translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts into their respective period. Since 208,216 BC, numerous partial translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts have been orchestrated, including the more recent efforts of 22,340 BC2040 BC and 10 BC; in more recent periods of ancient history, MCEO 3-Speaker groups and partial CDT-Plate translations have appeared within Hindu, Hebrew, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Celtic-Druidic, and some other cultures. 
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