Keylontic Comunication, Channeling and DNA

The method by which MCEO Speakers achieve remote-translation of the CDT-Plates begins early in life, with at least one of the three Speaker-appointees having repeateddirect physical contact-encounters with members of the GA-MCEO from very early childhood onward. During every period in which the CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations are rendered, the GA-MCEO is aware of the identities of the “potential Speakers” before they enter physical incarnation on Earth, and watches over them from the point of physical conception. These MCEO 3-Speaker appointments areassigned prior to conception, with each of the 3 Speaker appointments having an additional 2 “primary backup” appointments — and occasionally a few others to serve as “secondary backup” — in the event that an appointed Speaker cannot fulfill the assignment. In every period, a “pool” of several individuals incarnate with specific dormant configurations carried in their DNA; when activated, these configurations open specific “electromagnetic passages” within the neurological circuitry, allowing those who carry them to receive protected, electronically-encoded data-streams directly from the GA-MCEO. Over time, as the dormant DNA coding activates, the individuals become progressively more able to biologically receive and neurologically translate information transmitted on the GA-MCEO data-stream, enabling them to develop clear, conscious, protected interdimensional communication with the GA-MCEO. This process of coded interdimensional electronic data-streaming is called Keylontic Communication.
Keylontic Communication is not the same as the process commonly known today as “channeling” or “conscious mediumship.” Channeling is a process in which the spirit essence of a disembodied individual or collective temporarily (or sometimes permanently) enters the physical bodybio-energetic field and consciousness of an incarnate human in order to communicate in the human world. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts do not engage the process of channeling because it most often causes biological damage to the human DNA that can severely interfere with the individual’s biological and spiritual evolution; in this regard channeling is considered “risky.” In many cases, both “channeling” and “trance-mediumship” (unconscious channeling) can also lead to temporary or permanent “identity displacement” or “possession”; in this regard channeling and trance-mediumship are considered downright dangerous. Channeling is thus viewed by the GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts as an unsafe and unreliable method of interdimensional communication.
As Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming does not cause human DNA damage — and does not intrude on or invade the human biology and bio-energetic field — it is the method of choice for Guardian collectives. All humans have an organic genetic ability to engage some degree of Keylontic Communication, and also have a genetic vulnerability to invasive interdimensional exchange. Interdimensional communication is an organic ability and a birthright of all humans, but it is a gift that requires educated application if it is to be developed safely. (More detail on the process and dynamics of Keylontic Communication, and information on creating safety in interdimensional communication, is found in the Voyagers books.)
Though all humans have an innate biological and spiritual predisposition to interdimensional exchange and Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming, not all humans carry the responsibilities of MCEO Speaker Contracts. During conception, individuals with MCEO Speaker Contracts receive additional dormant DNA encoding directly from the GA-MCEO, which requires the direct assistance of the GA-MCEO for activation. In early childhood, and extending into adolescence, the GA-MCEO initiates repeated physical contact-encounters with the Speaker or Speakers who are intended to engage CDT-Plate remote-translation in adulthood. Through these contact-encounters, the GA-MCEO engages the progressive process of activating the specialized dormant DNA coding, which, when fully activated, will allow for Keylontic data-streaming directly from the CDT-Plate discs forremote-translation, and will provide direct “live” data-streaming with GA-MCEO and Adashi Adept representatives. The process of Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming has been the method by which the GA-MCEO has orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates throughout Earth’s history, and it is the same method of remote-translation used today.
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