Stair Step Creation

When the original Stream of Consciousness enters the dimensionalized structures of the Time Matrix its original arrangement and Fire Letters break down, fragmenting its consciousness through the dimensional scale producing new forms of individuation.
This process is called Stair Step Creation. (A process of exponential fractalization)


The process of Stair Step Creation can be viewed as a singular beam of light and sound, Holographically refracting within the scalar fields of the Time Matrix, spreading itself into multiple beams (’Sacred Rays’).
Each new beam of light and sound consciousness, that is formed through the splitting of the original consciousness, retains part of the original Fire Letter design of the original Stream of Consciousness.
It also creates new, smaller, streams that manifest as further differentiated identities and manifest forms.
In relation to human form the structure of dimensionalized consciousness takes the form of the 15 dimensional identities of the Time Matrix structure.
The various structures of multi-dimensional human consciousness exists as forms of sentient awareness, identities possessing attributes and form, characteristic of the dimensions on which they appear.
(See: Hova Bodies)
(The Tangible Structure of the Soul – Lecture Transcripts. Page 7)
From Keylontic Dictionary via Biblioteca Pleyades
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved

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