Subconscious Mind

The key functions of the Subconscious Mind – Body consciousness and Cellular Memory Facility – are:
Data Storage. Stores perceptual imprints form various Components of Mind and stores directional impulses from Superconscious Mind (Soul Matrix), through which the body receives its operational “orders” from the Soul Matrix.
Composed of Partiki units and Keylons, it exists as a minute crystalline blueprint within the cellular structure (Cellular Memory) of the body and serves as a memory storage facility and regulator of the body’s autonomic functions.
The Subconscious Mind is the portion of your personal identity that manifest as the physical body form and the crystalline blueprint within the molecular structure. It represents the “Body Consciousness.”
The Subconscious Mind translates energy signatures form the Unified Field of energy into perceptual data such as light, sound, taste, smell, touch, temperature, objectified form and linear passage of time.
Working co-creatively with the other Components of Mind, the Subconscious Mind creates the holographic illusion of 3-dimensional matter, objectified space and linear passage of time.
The Subconscious Mind translates thoughts, ideas and beliefs into Keylontic Symbol Codes of light (Light-Symbol Codes), sound and electromagnetic standing wave patterns that directs the morphogenetic field Keylon structure of the body.
Thoughts will thus affect the health or disease of the body, as their biological Keylontic translations will either assist or impede the flow of energy between the body, the personality and the Soul Matrix. The Reasoning Mind can use Keylontic Symbol Codes to direct the process of the Subconscious Mind and body and to access information stored in the Cellular Memory.
The Subconscious Mind is primarily associated with the frequency bands of D-1, the physical body, the first DNA strand, the base Chakra and the Etheric Body (first level out from the physical body) level of the bio-energetic field (auric field).”
(Voyagers I – Page 138)
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From Keylontic Dictionary via Biblioteca Pleyades
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved


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