The NET, “Higher & Lower Earth”

The NET, Higher & Lower Earth,” the Toral Rift,
Equinox Precession & False Yugas, and the 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment
On a planetary level, the events of 13,400 BC resulted in the activation of a planetary environmental anomaly called the “NET.” The NET (NibiruianElectrostatic Transduction field) is a multidimensional electromagnetic harness that runs through the “Van Allen Belts” in Earth’s atmosphere — and through Earth’s crust and mantle — which creates and sustains anomalous distortions within Earth’s geomagnetic field, and within the Bio-magnetic Fields that govern DNA behavior. Through the NET distortions created in the 13,400 BC period, Earth’s core resonance was altered, resulting in the first of three slight accelerations of Earth’s geographical-pole axis wobble. The slight acceleration of Earth’s axis wobble created, over a period beginning in 13,400 BC, the first of three corresponding slight accelerations of the precession of the equinox cycle from the previous 26,556-year SAC cycle, to a faster cycle of about 25,920 years (an acceleration of about 636 years). The multidimensional NET field began an unnatural acceleration of Earth-time, which progressively pulled Earth’s Templar further out of co-resonant alignment with organic Universal Time Cycles and Star-Gates, and further into alignment with a space-time-loop anomaly that occurred 5.5 million years ago (the “Wall in Time – Phantom Earth” anomaly). As a result of the 13,400 BC “Great Netting” and first wobble acceleration, Earth’s geomagnetic field — and thus the Halls of Amenti Star-Gates — came under partial control of the Illuminati and their Elder kin, and human evolution was brought to a relative standstill.
The most intensive Templar damage Earth suffered from the events of 13,400 BC was the beginning of a literal inorganic harnessingor Netting,” of portions of Earth’s existing multidimensional matter planes. A portion of the Amenti Star-Gates, and a portion of Earth’s Templar and three-dimensional matter-plane field, became contained within the electromagnetic harness of the NET, separated and divided from the portions of the Amenti Star-Gates and planes that were outside of the NET. This unnatural division of Earth planes created the anomaly of Higher” and aLower” Earth: both shared the same three-dimensional frequency spectrum, but the “time pulse” within that common frequency spectrum became divergent. The planes and three-dimensional matter-base that were contained within the NET field became the “Lower Earth”; controlled by the Illuminati NET, the geomagnetic field of “Lower Earth” engaged the first “pole wobble increase” that accelerated the “precession of the equinox” cycle from 26,556 years to 25,920 years. The planes and three-dimensional matter-base that remained outside of the NET field became “Higher Earth” or “Ascension Earth”; biological Ascension was still possible from “Higher Earth,” because its portion of the Amenti Star-Gates and matter planes remained on the 26,556-year equinox precession cycle through which organic SAC Amenti Star-Gate opening cycles occur.
About 13,000 years ago, in 10,948 BC, the Illuminati-Elders used the Metatronic Death Sciences to finally fulfill an objective they had been trying to achieve for millions of years prior. From the Atlantean islands of Bruah, in the southwest territories of Atlantis (which are called CubaPuerto Ricoand Haiti in contemporary times), the Illuminati-Elders, with the assistance of their Illuminati-Human children, used Metatronic “Death Star Merkaba Vortex Mechanics” to create a set of wormholes called the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel; this wormhole set linked the core Star-Gates of Lower Earth and our Sun to the corresponding Star-Gates of Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Black Hole System. Once the Earth-Sun Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole sets were opened, they were extended into the Alpha-Omega Wormholes at the Galactic Coresof the “Alpha” Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and our “Omega” Milky Way Galaxy, opening an intergalactic space-time displacement field called the “Great Toral Rift Time Rip.” Through the 10,948 BC–Atlantis center of the intergalactic Toral Rift Time Rip, the core Star-Gates and geomagnetic field of our Sun — and the NET-harnessed geomagnetic field and Halls of Amenti Star-Gates of Lower Earth — were inorganically linked to the geomagnetic fields and core Star-Gates of Parallel Earth and Parallel Sun. The Toral Rift–linking of the Parallel Earth-Sun systems pulled the Templars of Lower Earth and our Sun further out of co-resonant alignment with organic Universal Time Cycles and Higher Earth Star-Gates, and into direct alignment with and subjugation to the inorganic space-time distortion cycle of the Parallel Milky Way “Alpha” Black Hole System. (…)
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