Cellular Memory

Every cell of the body stores not only memory, in the form of coded electrical impulse, but also stores the very codes of translation, the Keylonta Light-symbol codes (or “Fire Letters”). They are the means by which memory is translated into sensual data and the means by which the illusion of tree-dimensional reality is manufactured. 
(Voyagers I – Page 128
When you program the Crystal Body, which is called cellular memory, you imprint a signature in it. That’s where the concept of Karma comes from. Everything that is incorporated in our Crystal Body with eventually cycle out in the hologram projection created by the refraction of sound and light. 
Since our thoughts are composed of Partiki also this is why mind affects matter, we are not very good at it now but there were times in our species development many eons ago when we where more advanced, we had more DNA plugged than now that we had complete control over matter with our minds. It was nothing – it was like breathing. We have to relearn that process. And Keylontic Science (Keylonta) is one tool that can help us move in that direction.
(The Amenti Series 1 Classes – DVD 1
From Keylontic Dictionary via Biblioteca Pleyades
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyahs Productions Rights Reserved

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