“The “Mind” is an attribute of consciousness. The mind does not produce consciousness, consciousness is not a product of the mind, but rather the mind is a structure of energy that consciousness creates and uses in order to participate within realities that have their basis in differentiate perception. 
Perception itself is an attribute of consciousness and mind, it is the product of consciousness using the facilities and structures of mind.
The mind is the portion of your identity that allows you to experience individuality.
The mind exists as a large conglomerate of organized grouping of electromagnetic energy units called Partiki, which spans multiple dimensional fields.
Consciousness uses form constructions such as the mind to create the experience of differentiated perception.
The form construction of the mind has multiple levels that correspond directly to the form construction of the 15-dimensional Universal Matrix and interwoven with the greater structures of the Cosmic Unified Field.
Each individual mind has a level of Triadic Identity (or 3 dimensional identity) station within the frequency bands of the 5 Harmonic Universes (HU).
(Voyager I – Page 135)
The Four Components of Mind are:
1) The Subconscious Mind – D-1 – Body Consciousness and Cellular Memory Facility.
2) The Instinctual Mind – D-2 – Emotional/Intuitive Facility.
3) The Reasoning Mind – D-3 – Logical/Rational Facility.
4) The Superconscious Mind – D-5, D-6 and D-7 – The group Soul Matrix
(Voyagers I – Page 138)
If we can understand that the Human Mind is an energy force that continually generates patterns of scalar waves form through the process of thought, it is not difficult to understand how appropriately directed thought can directly influence the functions of the personal Manifestation Template scalar blue print.
Undirected thought creates chaotic patterns within the Manifestation Template, while thought directed through clear intention creates ordered patterns within the Manifestation Template.
The patterns of scalar energy frequency that thought projects into the personal Manifestation Template serve as Electromagnetic Operational Instructions within the Template. directly effecting the conditions that will be met in manifest experience.
(The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System Course – Page 1)
Color, Light and Symbols are the Language that the human Mind utilizes to direct specific applications of frequency into specific mathematical and geometrical relationships through which the function of Earth’s Planetary Shields, Planetary Merkaba Fields and Templar complex grid systems, vortices, portals and Star Gates can be consciously influenced, operated and directed.
The human MIND is the director of frequency, the human body is the conduit through which directed frequency flows.”
(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Second Page)
Via http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/v…
Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series, ARhAyas Productions Rights Reserved

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