Oraphim Procreation

Oraphim can procreate (r: reproduce/ produce) independently, but prefer procreation through fusion or coupling of the bio-energetic fields of gender-twin mates. During the Oraphim pro-creation, an energetic birth sack is painlessly expelled from the navel region of either male or female. The energetic sack contains cellular matter formed through the combine genetic imprint of the parents, or a replica of a singular parent’s genetic imprint. Once the sack is expelled from the body, the new incarnation Oraphim Soul begins fetal integration. Gestation of the Oraphim birth sack varies, depending upon the environment into which they incarnate. The birth-sack is placed within a planetary soil “nest”, then into a water or fluid environment organic to the Planet, allowing the incarnating Oraphim (r: Soul) to adopt the natural template structures characteristics to the environmental system into which it is incarnating. After water or fluid gestation, the Oraphim embryo rapidly grows to the size of a human child of 8-12 yrs, and emerges from the birth sack fully sentient, mobile, telepathic and with full regional spoken language capacity. “
Voyagers II, page 268


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