Phantom Matrix

“The Phantom Matrix is an unnatural Black Hole System that continually accretes energy and consciousness from the living “host” Time Matrix to which it is attached.
In 22,326 BC, the Founders recognized that the Phantom Matrix, created during the Lyran-Elohim Founders Wars 250 billion years ago (Earth time translation), had almost reached.
The Black Hole system had pulled into itself nearly as much energy mass and consciousness than the organically held within our natural Time Matrix.
If the Phantom Matrix reaches critical mass accretion, its draw upon the living Time Matrix will progressively accelerate and our living Time Matrix will be permanently “pulled off the grids” of the Density-5 Primal Light Fields and into the chaotically organized, finite Phantom Matrix.
If the Christos Realignment Mission is not successful during the current SAC, this entire Time Matrix, not only the Earth, will be pulled into the Phantom Matrix Black Hole via the Halls of Amenti Star Gates.
Many innocent inter-galactic civilizations would be trapped in Phantom Time, denied their right of organic Ascension Mastery and Eternal life.
Since the issue of severing the ties between the Living and Phantom Matrices came to head in 22,326 BC (when “time was up” and the “host” Time Matrix was due to collapse), the Fallen Angelics have planned to achieve forced dominion of this Time Matrix, with intention of drawing it into the Phantom Matrix as an energetic “food supply.”
They continue to make this unfortunate choice, rather than accepting the Founders continually loving invitation into peaceful Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Freedom Treaties.
(Voyagers II Page 551)


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