At One Ment♡ in Sacred Soulships

We can not detach from the Human Essence, that is just another ego strategy that may surface during our Spiritual Awakening. Instead we have to adapt the Human Essence to the Spiritual Essence and Tranform them into a Mastered Essence of Being. I believe in equality of beings/gender and am not here to create patriarquism nor matriarquism, but we have to able to understand our inner female/masculine polarities in order to help the Human Essence to Transmute into a greater state of being and from there allow that maturity to deal with polar female and male physical embodiments. Physical is also a product of mind, and of God, can not be separated from what is on the level it pertains to be. But we are not using it organically. But we have ways to do so in this moment. We must relearn that ways and become that Amazing Human Hibrids that are able to be Powerful Gods and Godesses but Powerful Natural Organic Physical Beings at the same time.
Inner Feminin Vs Inner Masculin Energies:
Inner Feminin – Nurtures Comunication , keeps Heart Bonding Open
Inner Masculin – Pro active in using the female energy, creates force and courage to balance polarities and put ego back into place and allows feminin energy to keep flowing and nurturing in return. Protective Carrier Energy of the Heart/soul/female
There is a perpetual back flow between this 2 energies, one can not be balanced without the other. Ultimately God Mind Energy, the 3d energy is always working through both female and male, it is also not separated when properly allowed to enter our Heart/Female and Mind/Male Fields. Yes, thats why 2, become 3, become 1. There is a Single Eternal Energy Flow Current between this 3 essences, and it must be flowing freely and efortlessly. When we block one of this energies, then God Mind Source can not work properly either. One can not experince God Mind Source or At One Ment just by living from female energy/Heart, or just by living from male energy/mind. At one ment includes both and God Mind. This in practical terms means Spirit and Phisicality, which is Non-Polar and Polar united. Woman you naturaly carry more Female Energy. Man, you naturaly carry more Male Energy. How to balance that and connect Harmonioulsy? We allow our Feminin/heart nurture self to connect us, and allow Male/mind pro active self to give a strong based direction to that nurturing. So man usually you have to work more in opening to the Heart Female Essence so that you can bring your male mind into balance, so that then you can nurture one another in the relationship joyfully lovingly limitlessly (no ego mind creating fear based limits over healthy heart bonding), and allowing woman to express freely their emotions and natural loving heart; and in return woman have to work more in creating allowance for her Mind Male Essence to bring balance to the more directed Heart energy femin essence, that tend to create „blind“ emotional attachment states, and like this also bringing more joy and understanding to the male partner and to both partners in general.
Nevertheless, both genders need to work on both energies. When comunication is not working for example, both should:
1st. Use the Femin heart to re-connect back to their Loving Centered State of Being
2nd. Use male mind to take then proper action, like giving the first step for ex … not waiting for the other to do it …  or asking about the problem or solution without ego and fear … We are here to Love Each Other and allow God Mind Love to Flow through Us.
Love does not hurts … and Love of God can be achieved and Experienced through this Beautiful Sacred Marriage Between 2 Beings. What hurts is ego mind not allowing the Female and Male Wisdom to Unite within Us first and Within the Heart of Our Relationhsips to Bring Forth more of the God Mind Love into this and all the Realities ♡
Krystal Blessings, Ah Yah Ari Yah E´ta Ur Sha´La
Ari Yana ☼ 

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