Atomic E-Lum’en-ation Process

“E-Lum’en-Air is also the organic Living-Air Radiance by which the metabolic process and energetic quantum of Eternal Life Eff-im-a’-rhal Biology is Eternally Self-sustained, through the internal bio physical process of E-Lum’en-Air Conversion, which stills remains as a dormant potentiality among current Earth Human populations.” 
“Essential Essence-1 E-Lum’en-essence is the 1st Eternal Radiant Essence, the PRE-Elemental Electro-Thermal Eta-vapor Pre-Plasm Standing-wave Conscious Radiant Field that is the 1st Expressed Essence of the EFFI Infinitum (EFFI = Eternal First-Field-Intelligence &Electro-Thermal-First-Force Identity = E-lum’en-essence Pre-Elemental 1st Essence Expression of the EFFI) from which the Essential ELEMENTAL Essences Pre-Plasm Eta-vapors of the Essence-2-Aqua-essence and Essences-3-5 “3 Quintessences” emerge.
Once Essential Essences 2-5 progressively transfigure into Essential Essence-1E-Lum’en-essence within the Plasma Time-Templates of the Blend-Merging Emancipation-Transposition Passage PAIR, the Essence-1 E-Lum’en-essence Radiant Field is able to further blend and merge with the frequencies of the 15-TrhU’a-h Plasma Flows & Rainbow-Rain Plasm Flows of the Plasma Time-Templates, forming E-Lum’en-Air.
E-Lum’en-Air, composed of Essential Essence-1 E-Lum’en-essence and the 5-TrhU’a-h Plasma Flows & Rainbow-Rain Plasm Flows of the Plasma Time-Templates, is the organic Living-Air Radiance Electro-Thermal Eta-Vapor Pre-Plasm that has the ability to merge and blend with both the Eternal-Internal 1st-Creation Spectra (Pana-KHY D-Planes Spectra) and External Creation Electromagnetic Spectra (15-DML Primal Life Force & Source Light Body Flows) and Elemental-Atomic Matter-Base, enabling both spectra and their contents to temporarily enter a Common Diagonal-ARPS by which Transplaneal-Translocation Density-Transposition Phase-Shift passage through the Tran’-TE-in Window between External Creation and Eternal-Internal 1st-Creation can occur.
In the Atomic E-Lum’en-ation Process, the External Creation Elemental-Atomic Matter-Base first engages the E-Lum’en-ation Process by receiving progressive “DOWN-Step OUT-Step” of Planetary E-Lum’en-Air Wave-Infusions through the Planetary Environment. Once a quantum of the Planetary Elemental-Atomic Matter-Base begins E-Lum’en-ating through blending with a wave-quantum of the Planetary E-Lum’en-Air, the E-Lum’en-ating atomic quantum next engages progressive entry into the atomic YhU-Rha’-Dha State for Transplaneal Translocation Density Transposition Phase-Shift into the EMERGING-Earth manifest Environment within the Planetary Transplaneal Space-Time Continua of Earth’s Planetary SAFE HAVENS-Rainbow Run-Domain Passage Set-1. 
E-Lum’en-ating atoms enter the YhU-Rha’-Dha State through running the Planetary E-Lum’en-Air Frequency Transduction Relay Sequence “from the bottom up”, wherein the E-Lum’en-ating atoms progressively UP-Step and IN-Step into the atomic YhU-Rha’-Dha State within Earth’s 4 Planetary Transposition Platforms Transplaneal Space-Time Continua of the Planetary SAFE HAVENS-Rainbow Run-Domain Passage Set-1.
In terms of Earth’s Planetary Life-Field, the Atomic E-Lum’en-ation Process involves several additional “Down-Step Out-Step” phases. 
Earth’s current Life-Field holds representatives of MANY different Evolutionary & Re-Evolutionary Stages; ALL are Sacred and Equal in VALUE, but all of Earth species do not currently share the same levels of Biological Frequency Synthesis ability. Earth’s contemporary Human species, as originally genetically descendant from Earth’s Pre-Ancient Angelic Human lineage (RE: Voyagers™ Books, 1999-2002), holds a very special place within the Atomic E-Lum’en-ation Potentials available to the rest of Earth’s biological Life-Field. Earth’s Pre-Ancient Angelic Human species held the Sacred Entrustment of a Planetary Guardian Stewardship Contract.
Because of this Planetary Stewardship Entrustment, the Angelic Human genome and Genetic Plasma Time-Template was imbued with specialized characteristics that would allow the Angelic Human biology to further “Down-Step & Out-Step” Environmentally-Available Planetary E-Lum’en-Air into “E-Lum’en-Air Subharmonics”, to create a BIO-Accessible form of “Super-Down-Stepped E-Lum’en-Air” that is biologically breathable and accessible to the rest of Earth’s evolving Life-Field. Contemporary Earth Humans, as descendent through the Angelic Human lineage, currently still carry this biological ability in dormant form. 
This presently dormant Pre-Ancient Angelic Human “Genetic Plasma Template specialization” will Inevitably RESPOND to Earth’s soon-coming (Begin late-January- early February 2017)Planetary E-Lum’en-Air Wave-Cycle Infusions, by slowly but progressively and inevitably AWAKENING Humanity’s Pre-Ancient Biological Adaptation-Skill of E-Lum’en-Air Bio-Synthesis. Through Earth’s Inevitable Awakening of Humanity’s E-Lum’en-Air Bio-Synthesis ability, which is known as “THE WIND on the Breath”, contemporary Humans will become progressively enabled to “Super-Down-Step & Out-Step” Bio-Available E-Lum’en-Air to the entirety of Earth’s contemporary Life-Field, which is a process that is known as “THE BREATH on the Wind”.
Humans are the ONLY SPECIES in Earth’s contemporary Planetary Life-Field that has the dormant ability to biologically ACCESS Environmentally-Available Planetary E-Lum’en-Air, and also the ONLY Species on Earth that can Bio-Synthesize Bio-Accessible E-Lum’en-Air for the rest of Earth’s contemporary Planetary Life-Field. “THE WIND on the Breath & THE BREATH on the Wind” is a Blessed GIFT, and a Sacred ENTRUSTMENT as Humanity slowly but surely Awakens to its Pre-Ancient Angelic Human Planetary Guardian Stewardship Entrustment, to FINALLY take its originally intended Eternal-Authentik place within the Circle of Eternal Life. Rejoining the Circle of Eternal Life is Humanity’s Inevitable Appointment with Eternal-Life Destiny.”
Source & Rights Reserved @ ARhayas Productions

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~ Ah Min Yahs ~

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