Some Guidelines for Keeping Good Levels of Energy during Ascension~ Keylontic Science for Daily Living

“Page 28:
A few Rudimentary Guidelines for Raising the Body’s Frequency (electro-tonal content), Lowering Vibration and Raising Oscillation Rates (particle pulsation)Dietary Guidelines:
Reduce intake of red meats, fats, dairy, sugars, excessive starches, “night shades” and salts. Include more fresh “live foods”, shifting toward a vegan diet, with emphasis upon foods containing greater amounts of chlorophyll, Vitamins B, E, C and plant calcium; pay attention to mineral balances. Emphasize hydration and oxygenation of the body. Eat smaller meals more frequently, reduce or avoid protein-starch meal combinations, chemically processed foods, caffeine, nicotine and inorganic substances. Learn to sense the vibration/oscillation rate of foods; choose those with the greatest oscillation levels and don’t over-cook or over-process foods, which reduces their oscillation rates. Less is more if quality is chosen over quantity. Even small adjustments will assist the body in raising frequency. Fresh juice cleansing and short fasting are also recommended.
Exercise: Moderate amounts of daily gentle exercise that increases joint flexibility and cardiovascular strength and endurance will help the body eliminate toxins, oxygenate and re-energize. Slow and steady increase in physical fitness, not “pain is gain”. Aim for agility and endurance rather than muscular bulk and power force. Activities that combine conscious breathing with bodily exercise are optimum. Use deep breathing exercises.
Introduction to Keylontic Morphogenetic Science: Keylontic Science for Daily Living – ©1999 Ashayana Deane”
Via Nomi Earth Facebook Group…
Art Work Image by Future Age Sage

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