Living in the Heart ~ ~ ~

We were Created by Love and in Love. We gave Oursleves a Heart so that Connection to the Original Love Creation could be kept and not forgotten. When we live outside of the Heart, it means we are living out of the Alignment with our Original Love Creation, God Source Self … Being out of that Alignement does not allow Us to trully know Oursleves, and we become forgetful… When one lives out of the Heart means that can only live in that other place of forgetfulness, the ego self -mind creation, the false delusional creation of self. That is the Original fall of Creation, the Fall of the Heart and of the Original Love Creation. Come back to the Heart and you come Back to God again, and to Your True Self. When you do that you will no longer have wrong ideas about yourself, because there can only be Perfection Truth and Love in such Alignment. You will start seeing Clearly with this Vision of Truth, and that whatever does not come from it in your manifested Experience wont survive long any longer.
To not keep forgeting, simply, more then Mind, Heart is the Key always  ~ ~ ~ 
Stay Loved, Stay Blessed  ~ ~ ~
& God Bless Kitties Love = ) ) )

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