Spirit of Kindness ♡

The Spirit of Kindness is one of the seven main spirits of Christ. The Spirit of Kindness is Compassion and goodness in action, an open hearted disposition, a gentleness in dealing with others, exuding benevolence towards others and all things. The Spirit of Kindness is an ability to act for the welfare and common good of all people, even those that are taxing to one’s patience and energy. Ascension essentially encompasses an Universal perspective towards the compassionate practice of World Humanism and includes the entire spectrum of life, of all inhabitants of the world, no matter what race, religion, belief or creed, to be equally deserving of benevolence and Compassion. We value being kind to ourselves and we value being kind to others. 
The Spirit of Kindness is the antidote to Envy and Jealousy. 
The Spirits of Christ are that force which attract Virtues, which are a form of the bestowal of Divine Grace. Virtues are qualities of goodness which inhabit in the world of forces, as a “spiritual force”. When one builds strength in virtue, one builds strength in the power of our goodness which translates into the power of God Force. We reap the quality of our cultivated virtue in that which brings incredible gifts directly from the God spirit. 
As the Universal Law of Structure states; we can build our house in so that the spirit we design it for can reside. This is what it means to create a House for Christ and to purify ourselves for the Spirit of Christ. The Spirits of Christ requires a House in which to dwell inside our mind and body. As you devote your attention and focus on the quality of the Spirits of Christ, the Houses for Christ grow stronger. Where we focus our energy and attention its energetic form materializes. Thus, greatly increasing one’s relationship to God and experiencing energetic balance which returns us into feelings of self-love, peace, compassion and happiness. 
Responding with Kindness 
Respond – In the moment, learn how to choose your response rather than react to life events, people and circumstances. Reaction is subconscious programming and mostly operated from preconceived ideas, fear or Mind Control. Observe your reaction and ask your body to show you the story or memory behind the reaction. As one learns to inquire about the reactions you generate , much is learned about your body consciousness and can effectively be healed and cleared from continuing the reaction. Emotional catharsis techniques ( ES Core Triad Practice includes them) help to release the story from the body so it can return to a new pattern free of the reactive pain. Choosing forgiveness, kindness, Compassion and self-love, is all a decision one has the power to make in every moment, by choosing your response to self and others. 
Negative feelings under stressful circumstances can be difficult to handle. When we are aware of our personal triggers we can improve how to respond in a positive way even though it requires facing a difficult situation. This is why we all must learn the concept of self-care in order to protect and nourish our self-worth.  Self-Care is about self-awareness. When we have self-awareness we are learning how to care for ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and then taking steps to do that. When we care about ourselves, we are using positive, encouraging language as inner dialogue or when speaking about ourselves. We do not allow the predator mind to beat us up over perceived mistakes, delusions, inadequacies or failures. These are weakness in our character we must learn to correct in order to gain spiritual strength. 
Responding to people with kindness helps people to feel better about themselves and to feel able to get along better with other people. Some things to remember is how we feel when someone has been kind to us and how that may have made us feel at that moment. When we choose kindness in our responses to others, we begin to embody Kindness as a virtue. Kindness is an embodied quality of our spiritual-energetic being. 
Do you believe kindness helps people feel better about themselves? Why or why not?
Do you believe kindness helps people to get along better with others?
In what ways does being kind to others and ourselves help us stay positive and continually grow our consciousness?
These are good questions to inquire and examine within our self to better understand what is operating unconsciously and consciously as a belief system. What we may hold unconsciously as a belief, may block our responses to be naturally kind. This means we will need to take steps to learn kindness, practice kindness and understand the reasons why kindness is so important to our own happiness and inner peace. 
(GSF) Empathy and Compassion 
We feel connection to life and have compassion for others that feel pain because we can empathize and relate to sensory feelings and emotions. We care about what happens to Life, whether its earth, human beings, animals, nature, plants or trees. We realize that we are a part of something larger and have kindness for ourselves and others, as this end cycle is very challenging for many. With this compassionate understanding we do not allow intentional harm or self-martyrdom in our sphere of influence. 
It is very clear to most of us that we are a part of something humongous happening on planet Earth. The Ascension impacts everyone and has personal implications that hold different meanings that are very intimate to each person. Connecting with your Soul, Connecting with God Source is very personal. As a part of the human race we all know what it means to suffer horribly in pain and feel completely alone in the darkness. As we endure this Ascension Cycle, remember, it is about Kindness Above All. Honor where you are at, take the time you need, allow yourself the space to heal and find the kindness for yourself. As you strengthen your core and can expand your sphere of influence, then practice random acts of kindness towards others. One second of criticism, sarcasm, belittling, or hateful words can mar and scar a child and a person for life. One second of kindness can elevate a child or person to accomplish greatness that allows them to find their soul. The Soul is Kind and Loving. God is Kind and Loving. To be one with God requires that we are willing to embody Kindness above All things. In studying the Law of One Practices, the Relationship Mastery Guidelines, 12 Practices of Self Awareness and GSF Behavior one will find the key notes of these qualities and how one develops solid virtue. This helps us establish patterns to which we can learn to develop more skill with embodying Kindness, increasing compassionate communication, discerning ego judgments from exercising personal choice and discernment, and learning how to create more enjoyable relationships that are productive and harmonious. When we expand goodness around us, we receive the goodness returned back to us from our own virtuous actions and thoughts. 
Our suggestion this week is to dismantle the House of Envy/Jealousy which is an negative emotion that creates room for the predator forces to exist in your body and mind. Intend to Evict the Spirit of Envy and Jealousy and Call in the Spirit of Kindness. Ask God to help you build the House of Kindness in your mind and body as aligned with Christ Spirit. 
(Source: Ascension Glossary: Spirits of Christ)
Source and all Rights Reserved @ http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/2548-spirit-of-kindness

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