Cosmic Weather for August & the 8.8.8 Ascension Portal

The 888 this cycle feels much larger than the Sirian portal. In this annual cycle it feels extended to cosmic and beyond levels of access. This year it feels really big and  what would feel like the bookend to the bifurcation split between AI and organic. I think that is entirely possible and may be what we are experiencing, witnessing and observing at this time.
In deep love and gratitude to our Guardian family, to all of us that are here present. Thank you, thank you for all you hold in alignment to this larger event, which is really a Guardian project for some time and to come to this point between the 8/4/2017 and the 8/8/2017 window, all those fours and eights is a completion of the soul solar rift healing.
As we know it is very interesting that the fourth gate in Giza and everything that represents a Solar Temple comes into the heart and the higher heart which is the fourth and eighth energy center resonance in the human body. Definitely resonates with those sections of our consciousness. This is a time of open heart, permanent seed atom activation beyond the soul body activation for those that are at that initiation level. What this feels like is a successful and positive development for the inhabitants of planet Earth and for that I’m extremely grateful to bear witness and have that awareness during this time.
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