Synocratic Evolution ~ ~ ~

“A “Synocracy“, the heart of the Founders’ Emerald Covenant Lyran-Sirian-Human Free Cultural Model, is a form of natural Christiac power delegation in relationship to co-operative group creative endeavors and sociological organization. Synchronistic Democracy is the egalitarian principle from which “Synocracy” draws its name.
Synocratic Christiac civilizations understand that the power of Free Will, if it is to remain free, must be applied within the boundaries of Wisdom of its co-creative context.
Members of a Synocracy recognize that each member, regardless of the apparent expressed level of skill, development, awareness or evolution, is intrinsically a part of the same D-12 Universal Christiac Divine Blueprint from which all beings and things emerge into manifestation.
In a Synocracy, this Common Christos Core is fully acknowledged, implying that a point of full unconditional equality, love, agreement and One-ness perpetually exists within the Universal Christos Unified Consciousness Field.”

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