The Cosmos IS Watching & Always Will Be

EFFI-Project™ 1 – May 2012 DVD Workshop

The Cosmos IS Watching & Always Will Be:

The Dance of Lila, the Pillar of Peace & the Bridge Across Forever

May 25-28, 2012 – Sarasota, Florida
May 2012 hailed a new step in Synocracy, focusing on how the Key element in
Synocracy is Transparency, which brings about Clarity, through which we can heal
to  eventually embody Impeccability.

This workshop also introduced us to the  AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils –
“Councils of 48”, also known as the “Law Keepers” – keepers of the “Krist Code”
Law. They are the highest level of the Mashayahana Councils that came “online”
August 8th 2011.

New information was given concerning the “Halls of Records”, CDT-Plates and the 
AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disks, how they fit within the structures of the Cos-MA-yah,
and how they assist us to understand where the frequencies known as the AL-Hum-
Bhra are coming from. This workshop also marked the opening on earth of the
“Halls of Cosminyahas”, also known as the “Indelible Records”, meaning they
cannot be edited or altered. These records hold the entire Memory Matrix of the
events information of this Cos-Min-yahas Cluster.

What is the “Fail-Safe” (aka “Path of Mercy”) & why was it set in motion during the 
Atlantian Period? Learn the new definitions of our  “Hidden 8th Line” (aka “Stealth
Line”), the “K+8” Factor; “F” Factor & “Dark Flower” afflicted FataLE, and how
we will benefit from the protection field given by the AL-Hum-Bhra Host.
Explanation is also given on the “Dynamics of the Shields”, the “Aurora Shield” &
what Zero Tolerance really means.

Come dance the “Dance of Lila” aka “Dance of Life” and learn how to move into
the “Eye of Lila” & the “Pillar of Peace” to transcend the storm that surrounds us.

Other topics presented included Jesheua 12, the Biblical Period, Toral Rift,  early
Atlantian Drama, Plasma Wars, Fallen Equari & future timeline 6520 AD –
“Center for the Advancement of Interdimensional Communications” on Median 
Earth, which directly ties into our current “Fail -Safe” mission.

Activations & Techniques:   • Activating the Staff & Rod of AL-Hum-Bhra • Opening
of the “Eye of LiLa” •    Activating the “Wings of RhAyas •    Raising the Sphere of
Cosminyahas & Activating the Mirror in the sky reflection. • Opening the Plasma
Stream to the Halls of Cosminyahas & the Eternal AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Memory
Matrix •    “Star-Light” Transmission-Initiation of the “Path of Impeccability” (The
Roaring Love- Light-Song of God Source of 1st Eternal) – and more!


The EFFI-Project™ and related technologies are offered for theoretical exploration only; not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any illness, ailment or affliction.

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~  Synocratic Evolution ~


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