Awakening & Ascension Symptoms

Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency and a change in the focus of our consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. Since reality is a dimension, what we are undertaking is essentially a full dimensional shift.
To go through this shift we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our soul purpose and true divine essence.
When we are undergoing ascension we will undergo Awakening Symptoms.
In the first phases of Soul Evolution there are common awakening symptoms. The classic symptoms of awakening:
  • The unfolding development of the intellect and awareness into a greater Higher Sensory Perception of interconnectedness between all life.
  • Discontent and mental confusion over life purpose and personal life direction.
  • Responding to a greater whole and its purpose within the group of human beings, being concerned with community and group consciousness, and the issues concerning Humanity and the planet. Development of planetary awareness.
  • Conscious Mind is thrust into learning discipline, the development of mental focus to control personality functions of the Negative Ego and the Pain Body.
  • Prayer, meditation or asking for Spiritual Help from God/Source with a willingness to release personal will and the ego’s need for self righteousness. Development of Spiritual connection links and a new level of sensory-feeling or energetic communication through new perceptions of awareness.[1]

Ascension Symptoms

During the Ascension process as we accrete frequency and light we may undergo a variety of ascension symptoms, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual-energetic. 
These transmutational symptoms can be extreme. Many of the ascension symptoms are vague to describe and inexpressible in linear thought and language. When people go to doctors, they are being told to take drugs or they are being instructed to seek professional psychological help. This site is not professing to be giving any medical advice. It may be beneficial for some of us to seek out medical or psychological treatment during our process. We must follow our own inner guidance on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and energy body systems at this unprecedented time of acceleration.
Certain symptoms are now becoming more apparent and when we know this as a “process” and that many others are feeling the same things, a certain serenity can be brought into the mind. Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that may feel extremely hard on the physical body.
Some of the most common symptoms reported include:
  • cranial pressure and headaches
  • extreme fatigue
  • heating up of the physical body
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • forgetfulness
  • irritability
  • sleeplessness
  • joint pain
  • body aches
  • muscle cramps in legs and calves and shoulders
  • flu-like symptoms
  • kundalini experiences
  • diarrhea
  • feeling out of sorts, sadness or feeligns of loss or grieving
  • muscle pains
  • skin rashes
  • tingling in body parts
  • having specific awareness of a internal organ or body part unlike the past
  • diminution of spatial awareness
  • clumsiness
  • feverish feeling
  • feelings of being there and not being here
  • loss of visual acuity
  • memory loss
  • changes with body and head hair
  • lack of the ability to concentrate
  • feelings of standing up or moving too quickly that create “vertigo”
  • the feeling that you cannot accomplish anything because there is not enough time
  • anxiety attacks that happen suddenly and disappear just as suddenly
  • Seeing multidimensional energies, i.e. colors, entities, matrices, numbers, symbol codes
  • Seeing extraterrestrials both human and nonhuman in appearance
  • Communicating with nature,animals and people that have passed on
Also, our bodies often experience a rush of heat and energy bursts that are not comfortable. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the “symptoms” we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light. We may experience a “triad” sleep pattern (waking up every 3 hours) or interrupted sleep as we are being recalibrated and worked on energetically at night. This adds to our being restless and tired in the morning.
Remember to be gentle with your hearts and being and only allow others within your boundaries of inner sanctum that treat you the same. This can be an extremely vulnerable time emotionally. We need to release the fear of asking for help and investing in ourselves to feel balanced and healthy. Massage, Bodywork, Hydration, Supplementation, Energy Work, Spiritual Counsel.[1]

Body Changes

On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Ascension Changes are creating physical changes in our bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body.
A transmutation is the act of being transmuted or changed or altered in form, appearance, nature to a higher form. transmutation is the internal change going on inside the body that puts together the combination of parts or chemical elements, groups or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound so as to form a whole new combination. During mutation, this new combination may be constructed by the body from diverse conceptions into a coherent whole body that may be different from previous bodies.
The physical transmutation change within your bodies is a significant and basic alteration in the body.[2]

Biochemic Cell Salts

Many people undergoing awakening symptoms have reported that a common base supplement of 12 Mineral Cell Salts, Bioplasma,[1] helps to assist with many variations of Ascension Symptoms that many are undergoing at this time. During this Ascension Cycle we must awaken our cells to transmute from lower density “animal-elemental” cells to higher functioning divine human cells, through the process of light and frequency accretion. This occurs naturally when the body, mind, emotions, along with the Lightbody achieve energetic balance and harmony through the alchemical process of Spiritual Ascension. Spiritual Ascension is our consciousness evolution through the Universal Time Matrix to which we move through the Spectrum of Frequency by being initiated into that quality of frequency, then accrediting that frequency and then further, absorbing that frequency into the entire multidimensional layers of the bodies. The health of our neurological system is important in this process.
Biochemic tissue salts, also called cell salts are minerals in an energy form. (see Biochemic Cell Salts) The first signs of tissue salt deficiencies are visible in the face, much before physical symptoms occur. By reading the face signs and supplementing with the appropriate tissue salts, one can achieve a balanced correction at the cellular level, which enables the body to heal itself. Together all 12 of these mineral cell salts combined are called Bioplasma. In our spiritual community the necessity of soothing the brain and nervous system during many Ascension Symptoms have given Bioplasma the nickname of the “Starseed Supplement”.”
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