The Solar Feminine Returns

“Due to the recent planetary changes with the lunar forces, many women have endured massive changes to their bodies, more dramatically than males at this time. The False Lunar control manipulated the magnetic fields, controlled the magnetosphere and generated an artificial frequency fence that suppressed humanity through transmitted mind control programs. This generates distorted magnetic sound waves that control matter compression rates, that ultimately lead to the molecular compaction or death of the physical body and sometimes the soul body. This magnetic compaction rate of the physical body, which accelerated the dead light miasma, is one reason why the physical human has been disabled from embodying its higher frequency Monadic body. In March (2011) when the Unity Source Code architecture anchored into this planet, many of us, the ascension prototypers, went to work on embodying this new female template, the Solar Plating of the Feminine Principle. This is changing the lunar field distortion and its artificial magnetic imprints in how it has impacted our female cycles and biorhythms. This also has to do with a massive suppression insert in our pineal gland being removed. Again, there are a host of bodily changes and symptoms. 
Our entire endocrine system and how it produces, distributes and assimilates hormones into the bloodstream is slowly adjusting. Our entire biochemistry and bio-resonance is shifting. The menstrual cycle, as well as the female reproductive organs, are undergoing rejuvenation and harness, implant and artifact releases (see Fleur de Lys Implants & Forced Human Breeding and Human Sexual Distortions). This is creating all kinds of interesting to painful side effects as the body adjusts to stabilize this new hormonal and blood chemistry.
Our digestive system is undergoing a complete overhaul. In most cases very little solid food with a ton of fluids is required and will make you feel much more comfortable. Because of the incredible high frequency, the digestive system and metabolic system slow down massively, and all energy is required for frequency integration. This means your liver is busy and there is no peristalsis movement in your intestines. Reducing your diet to liquids, puddings and small amounts of high nutrient foods that are super easy to move through, are your best choice if you are experiencing this. At this point if you consume anything solid or hard to digest foods, you will experience high bloating, distention, gas, belching and fermentation in your gut. It’s not pretty and feels bad. 
As we are integrating more light, we are changing the mitochondrial DNA, sourced from mother, and how we utilize energy conversion in the cell. We used to require more carbohydrate consumption to convert usable energy to operate our bodily functions. The stabilized light quotient of our Aura is now reflected in the ATP energy distribution in our cells. ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. Clearly it appears we will be consuming much less food from now on. (more on ATP)”
 Source and Rights reserved to Energetic Synthesis

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Adaptations Sept/Dec 2017
~ Ah Min Yahs ~

ArtWork Sequoias Peace Walker

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