Krystal Star Guardians

~ “Fulfilling the Divine Commission is serving as Keepers and Guardians of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex” ~
The Krystal Star teachings of the Law of One are all about love. We are all on the same journey and we are all sharing this journey with one another, it is service to each other that exponentially amplifies our results.
KSG-265x500Part of this path involves the consistent effort to work with the planetary grids in an effort  to recode and heal the leyline and dragon line systems as well as the planetary brain and crystal heart core as the divine masculine and feminine consciousness essences of the earth. Embodiment of Christ-Sophia consciousness brings this path into increased awareness and attention, when the being has devoted themselves to be of service to the planet and humanity they become a guardian. Many of us are came to earth, to remember, and to do this geomantic repair work, as well as to anchor cosmic energies on the planet so that human consciousness and the planet can rejoin with it’s higher purpose and spiritual destiny.

Divine Comission

Fulfilling the Divine Commission is serving as Keepers and Guardians of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex.

Humanity is now receiving introductory training to reclaim the knowledge, skills and operational protocols that are used in anticipation of humanity’s pending entry into the Founder Emerald Covenant co-evolution peace treaty, in fulfillment of humanity’s original Angelic Divine Commission.

The Divine Commission for humanity is to be responsible for maintaining and operating Earth’s Start Gates and core global free energy systems during periods of Star Gate Opening. (Stellar Activation Cycle)

Earth has entered a Star Gate Opening Cycle between 2000-2017, for the first time since 208,216BC.

The Angelic Humans on Earth are being reminded of the need to fulfill their original Divine Commission as Planetary Stewards and Keepers of Earth’ Planetary Templar Complex.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 34)

Manual interaction with Earth’s Templar Complex takes place through employment of advanced Merkaba Mechanics, by which the human DNA Template and body can be activated to serve as a direct electromagnetic conduit of frequency from the interdimensional frequency spectrum into Earth’s Planetary Shields.

Humanity was created to hold the commission of serving as Earth’s guardian race, which implies “Holding the Keys to Earth’s Templar”; the knowledge of Templar Mechanics is the heritage of Divine Sacred Science by which humanity can fulfill its Divine Commission as Planetary Guardians. 

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – First Page)

Planetary Templar Complex

The organic interdimensional core energy systems of a planet, along with the inherent portals, vortices, Ley Lines and Star Gates, is known as the Planetary Templar Complex.

At a universal level this interdimensional energy system is called Universal Templar Complex.

The Planetary Templar Complex includes the natural Thermo-radionic, Photo-sonic and Electromagnetic functions of the planet’s organic energy system.

The organic energy system of a planet include the realities of the interdimensional Time Portal and Dimensional Lock Systems, the natural network of Portals and Star Gates (or Signets) through which a planet is connected to many other interstellar, interdimensional, space-time systems.

The ancient advanced Sacred Science knowledge concerning the manual operation of the powers of Earth’s Templar have been lost to humanity for many thousands of years.

The return of this knowledge in our contemporary times will enable human beings of the present generation and those yet to come, to orchestrate advance applications of Global Healing, organic Free Energy Systems and to eventually open access to the Star Gates and Portals of Earth’s Templar.

Universal Life Force Currents from the 15-Dimensional Spectrum continually circulate throughout the Planetary Templar Complex system, holding the planet in manifest matter form.

Universal Energy or Life Force Currents flow through Earth’s Templar via the organic energy conduits of natural Planetary Merkaba Fields.

(Planetary Shields Clinic Field Guide – Page 1)

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