Daily Habits ~

“Daily Habits ~
Our daily habits build our lifestyle
Our lifestyle = our thoughts, actions, feelings, & emotions 
Our lifestyle is also the way we interact, with the world in which we live
When we Integrate daily habits into a routine, that the body feels comfortable with; the mind is at ease, and the soul can effortlessly flow through & into everything that we do.
What are some healthy & helpful daily habits ? 
Here are a few examples that I am choosing to practice:
Meditation ~
Deep Breathing Patterns. 
Allowing the body to relax, and absolve stress
Studying spiritual scriptures 
^which correct erroneous thought & restore proper humility. 
Healthy Eating (is a must) Plant-Based diet provides everything I need, in an abundance, of flavors & recipes ` It is fun to cook with vegetables & grains! etc 
Sound Mantra a.k.a. Chants [This attunes the vibration, of my being into a harmonious state.] 
Foot Reflexology
There is so much to explore in the realms of health & wellbeing
It all begins in a state of peace & tranquility. Proper nutrition & engaging mindful awareness at least, once per day, can really boost your ability to function in an optimal state.”


Text courtesy ~ Nathan Steele

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Ah Min Yahs 

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